Message to Filipino Muslims on Eid’l Fitr

The Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) and all revolutionary forces extend greetings of solidarity and struggle with the Filipino Muslims and Moro people on the occasion of the Eid’l Fitr. On this occasion, we extend our support to the continuing struggle of the Moro people for genuine self-determination and to end national oppression.

The reactionary government continues to oppress the minority Moro people, especially the downtrodden peasants, by subjecting entire communities across wide territories to military control and suppression in the guise of counter-terrorism. Moro villages are being subjected to mortar shelling and aerial bombing causing widespread trauma among the people. Just a few days ago, the AFP indiscriminately shelled and strafed private homes to “drive away” members of the BIFF.

A number of civilians, including children, have been killed and injured in these military attacks. The tens of thousands of people who fled Marawi City which Duterte pulverized with aerial bombs remain unable to return to their home and lands as the Philippine military with US soldiers occupy the city with the plan of expanding their military camp.

Duterte has threatened to carry out more bombings and wage a more vicious war if the Moro people will not bow to his tyranny. However, it will take more than threats to end the resistance of the Moro people who throughout history have defended their land.

It is just and necessary for the Moro people to continue taking up arms to defend their land and lives. Revolutionary groups will continue to emerge among the Moro people to fight for their interests amid growing oppression, poverty and neglect. It is necessary to fight with arms as the land of the Moro people is coveted by foreign multinational corporations who seek to establish or expand their plantations. Foreign lending agencies have gone ahead by pushing loans and projects which will allow them to gain a foothold in the Bangsamoro land. There are no bounds to the voraciousness and greed of the oppressors and exploiters.

Even as they aspire for peace, the Moro and Filipino peoples must be ready to wage a difficult war of resistance to defend their aspirations for national freedom and social justice. They must continue to struggle side by side to end the reign of tyranny in their lands.

Message to Filipino Muslims on Eid’l Fitr