Military operations precede large-scale mining in Central Negros

After massive military operations including mortar and howitzer canon bombings in the hinterlands of Himamaylan City and Binalbagan early this month, Ka Juanito Magbanua of the Apolinario Gatmaitan Command of the New People’s Army in Negros Island (AGC-NPA) said that these were in preparation for big mining companies soon to operate in Central Negros.

“The AFP Central Command used ‘insurgency’ as an excuse to launch extensive combat operations and shellings in order to disturb the livelihood of the tumandoks in the mountains and drive them away from their farm lands. This is actually to pave the way for foreign capitalists invested in mining operations,” Magbanua said.

The NPA Negros exposed that on June 9 the 3rd Infantry Division of the AFP’s Central Command bombed parts of Central Negros around 10:00 in the morning up to 2:00 in the afternoon while conducting combat operations that resulted to the brutal murder of tumandok tribe member Erming Pacheco. This was after an encounter ensued between forces of the 62nd Battalion and the NPA earlier that day.

The AGC-NPA through its spokesperson held the Duterte regime and the bloodthirsty generals under the AFP Central Command and 3rd Infantry Division responsible for the damage to the livelihood of the tumandoks.

“They should be condemned because instead of serving the people paying for their salaries they bring devastation by destroying farm lands and violating human rights through torture, killings, illegal arrests and indiscriminate bombings,” Magbanua remarked.

Magbanua called on the military rank and file not to follow the orders of their butcher generals. He called them as canon fodders serving the career of their superiors.

He further said that the NPA knows that ordinary members of the military come from the exploited class only enlisting in military institutions to earn for their family. He maintained that the armed struggle waged by the NPA aims to solve the major problems of the people caused by the semifeudal and semicolonial system ruled by US imperialism, the big compradors and big landlords.

“Your family is part of the people that the NPA serves and they, too, will benefit from the victory of the revolution,” Magbanua said.

Magbanua asked the local government units and the different sectors of society advocating for genuine peace and democracy to launch an investigation into the destruction brought about by the military in their combat operations in the countryside. He challenged them to expose the lies disseminated by the AFP/PNP and help victims of human rights violations achieve proper justice.

Finally, Magbanua enjoined all NPA units to intensify tactical offensives to make those with blood debts against the people pay dearly.

“Defend the people’s livelihood and their right to cultivate their lands. Do not allow foreign capitalists to mine the mountains damaging the people’s farm lands especially of the tumandoks and destroying our natural resources,” he finished.###

Military operations precede large-scale mining in Central Negros