On remarks of Vice President Duterte saying transport strike is "communist-inspired"

Ang artikulong ito ay may salin sa Chinese

Vice President Sara Duterte is stuck in her anti-communist obsession that she refuses to acknowledge the real reasons why jeepney drivers and other transport workers are staging protest actions. In saying the transport strike is “communist-inspired” ang “pointless,” Sara Duterte is displaying the same puerile attitude of her tyrant father who once told jeepney drivers “wala akong pakialam kung magutom kayo.” Her claim that the strike and protests are “pointless” proves she possesses not an iota of sympathy for the poor and downtrodden masses.

Sara Duterte wants to railroad the anti-poor and anti-people Public Utility Vehicle Modernization Program (PUVMP) in behalf of the interests of big bourgeois compradors and foreign capitalist suppliers.

In the face of rising protests of workers, students and other sectors, expect Duterte and her ilk of fascists to repeat such words as “communist-inspired,” “communist-directed”, “communist agitation” and so on, in an effort to obscure the fact that the anti-people and pro-imperialist neoliberal economic measures being carried out by the Marcos-Duterte regime, is worsening the economic crisis, aggravating the socioeconomic conditions of the people and compelling them to wage mass protests to defend their livelihood and interests.

In her obsession to link every word spoken and action taken by the people to the CPP, Duterte is unwittingly complimenting the Communist Party of the Philippines.

On remarks of Vice President Duterte saying transport strike is "communist-inspired"