Red salute to Comrade Ella and Comrade Pabling

The North Negros Front Party Committee and the Red commanders and fighters under the Roselyn Jean Pelle Command, New People’s Army North Negros Guerrilla Front (RJPC-NPA) give their highest tribute to Comrade Kerima Lorena “Ka Ella” Tariman and Comrade Joery Dato-on “Ka Pabling” Cucoba who dedicated their lives in the service of the revolutionary movement and the masses of sugarcane workers and farmers in North Negros and throughout the Island.

Ka Pabling was killed during the battle between troops of the 79th Infantry Battalion (79th IB) of the Philippine Army and a unit of the RJPC-NPA last August 20, 2021 at Hacienda Raymunda, Barangay Kapitan Ramon, Silay City, Negros Occidental. While Ka Ella was murdered by the fascist 79th IB after the encounter even when she was rendered hors de combat.

Ka Ella arrived in North Negros on the last quarter of 2018. She helped lead the fight against Memorandum Order 32 that was then implemented in the Negros provinces up until now. The entire Island experienced the brutal and fascist acts committed by military troops against the peasant masses such as arbitrary killings and the massacre of nine peasants in Sagay City, Negros Occidental, forced and fake surrenders, illegal raids and arrests of suspected peasant leaders and sympathizers of the revolutionary movement, and others.

As leading Party cadre in North Negros, she guided the campaign amidst the public health crisis brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic. Farmers collective land cultivation was implemented in northern Negros as an immediate response to the demand of the broad masses for food. During the Duterte regime’s hard lockdown last year, the RJPC-NPA together with the local underground mass organizations in the guerrilla zones also conducted medical missions in the peasant communities.

Ka Ella did not hesitate in performing her tasks even though she was new to North Negros and had yet to learn the dialect. She easily adjusted and made great contributions to further improving and putting into practice the basic principles of armed struggle. She learned from her companions and shared as well her experiences from her various revolutionary work which inspired the comrades to improve in their duties and responsibilities. She was not liberal in pointing-out inaccuracies and those that needed to be rectified. She was eager to give ideas on practical activities and was good at teaching others. She was present in the implementation of revolutionary work and breakthroughs in launching tactical offensives, implementing agrarian revolution and building the mass base.

As a seasoned revolutionary propagandist, Ka Ella significantly contributed to reviving Nagabagang Duta, publication of the revolutionary movement in North Negros, and other propaganda materials that were highly appreciated by the broad masses. She also helped a lot in training comrades on how to use electronic gadgets for revolutionary propaganda. Furthermore, she helped systematize educational work.

Ka Ella was a simple and thoughtful comrade who was not arrogant even with the level of education she attained. She was close to the comrades and the masses. Quiet when working and persistent in her tasks. No time was wasted in doing revolutionary work. There were even instances when she cannot eat her meals on time. The periodic pain in her knee did not become a burden to her even when she travelled through steep and mountainous trails. Ka Ella is an epitome of a true and self-critical revolutionary.

On the whole, Ka Ella and Ka Pabling have contributed greatly to the preservation and further advancement of the revolutionary movement in North Negros which military troops brag that they have dismantled or destroyed. But in reality, the North Negros Guerrilla Front is advancing the people’s war to a higher level.

For Ka Ella’s family, the comrades in Negros are grateful for your unceasing support to her chosen path of revolution. Likewise to her beloved child, we know that Ka Ella always thought of you. She endured being away from you because of her love for you and the exploited and oppressed people.

Although the comrades and the masses are saddened by the death of Ka Ella and Ka Pabling, they are inspired in resolutely continuing the work of our cherished revolutionary martyrs and in intensifying the fight against feudal and semi-feudal exploitation that the farm workers on the island of Negros have long endured.

Dare to struggle until the ruling system represented by the Duterte regime is destroyed!
Long live Ka Ella and Ka Pabling!
Advance the revolution to victory!
Serve the people!

Red salute to Comrade Ella and Comrade Pabling