Revolutionary Salute to Comrade Julius Giron–NDFP

The NDFP Peace Negotiating Panel, its consultants, personnel and staff extend their most heartfelt condolences to the comrades, family, relatives and friends of Comrade Julius Giron who was martyred in Baguio City recently, together with two companions.

We render the highest salute to Comrade Julius for his selfless commitment and lifelong dedication to the revolutionary movement of the people for national freedom, democracy, social justice and genuine peace.

Comrade Julius was one of our senior consultants in the GRP-NDFP peace talks on social, economic and political reforms, as well as end of hostilities and disposition of forces. He was holder of Document of Identification (DI) number 978410 under the name of Arnold Cruz as National Consultant 1, which entitled him to protection and immunity under the JASIG (Joint Agreement on Safety and Immunity Guarantees).

While in detention during the years of the Marcos dictatorship, we came to know of Comrade Julius’ artistry.  He was a good painter and headed the painting group inside prison. Indeed, his deep love for the Cordillera people is reflected in his paintings and poetry which are on display in his wake.

The martyrdom of Comrade Julius and his companions inspires us even more to firmly pursue the Filipino people’s struggle for national and social liberation and for genuine and lasting peace.

Revolutionary Salute to Comrade Julius Giron--NDFP