The Liga ng Agham para sa Bayan gives our highest salute to Ka Joma Sison!

As he passed away, together with the Filipino people, we celebrate his deep understanding and contribution to Philippine society and revolution, resistance against imperialism, and the cause for change for a better world.

Ka Joma lives with each one who continues to understand the country’s chronic problems and strives to change it towards a just and lasting peace.

We take to heart his particular contributions to understanding the role of science and technology and social change in his writings in Stand for National Democracy, Technology and Poverty from the Viewpoint of the Third World and his various statements on science, technology, and the climate crisis. His discussions on understanding dialectical and historical materialism, the role of technology and progress, socialism, and climate change are always a guide for us on how to look at the rapid progress in the world today and the role of scientists and technologists therein.

JMS reminded us how we should use science and technology to develop society, improve quality of life, and protect the environment. We echo his call for science and industry to contribute directly in the people’s struggle for national liberation and democracy. He reminded us that the people would have certain policy and practical needs for knowledge and skills in science and technology in the countryside and urge us to join the revolutionary movement.

We respond by celebrating his teachings and strengthening our resolve to contribute to the continuing development of the revolutionary mass movement and armed struggle in the countryside. Long live Ka Joma! #KaJomaLives in the hearts of the Filipino people fighting for national liberation and democracy!

The Liga ng Agham para sa Bayan gives our highest salute to Ka Joma Sison!