Protest at Bantayog ng mga Bayani


More than 500 activists and human rights advocates converged at the Ban­ta­yog ng mga Ba­ya­ni last August 31 to commemorate the National Heroes’ Day.

They condemned the continuing attacks against activists, government critics and political oppositionists.

They carried placards demanding a thorough and independent investigation on the killing of activists Ran­dall Echa­nis, Za­ra Alva­rez, Car­li­to Ba­di­on, Jory Porquia and other victims of extrajudicial killings.

Simultaneously, various sectors commemorated the struggles of the people’s martyrs who offered their lives for the nation. They also paid tribute to health workers and other citizens who are at the frontlines of the fight against the Covid-19 pandemic and the Duterte regime’s fascism.

Protest at Bantayog ng mga Bayani