Vow to advance and strengthen the revolution by the shrine of heroes and martyrs

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This week, we remember and extol all heroes and martyrs of the Philippine revolution in its more than five decades of perseverance. The Week to Remember and Extol the Heroes and Martyrs of the Filipino People (April 17-24) was declared by the National Democratic Front of the Philippines (NDFP) as an annual commemoration.

On April 24, on the 50th anniversary of the NDFP, let us give the highest tribute to Benito Tiamzon and Wilma Austria, preeminent and most respected leaders of the Party, captured along with eight others, tortured and killed by the AFP soldiers on August 21, 2022. On the day, at the break of dawn, all NPA units shall execute a silent 21-gun salute to honor them and all the people’s heroes. Revolutionary mass organizations will also conduct various types of meetings and assemblies, secrets and openings, to read tributes and memorials of our heroes.

Let us also give the highest recognition to Ka Jose Maria Sison (Amado Guerrero), founding chairman of the CPP, who dedicated nearly six decades of his life to the patriotic and democratic aspirations of the Filipino people. His revolutionary spirit will live on and serve an everlasting inspiration to the next generation of the Filipino revolutionaries.

On this day, let us also remember and honor other members of the Party Central Committee. The memory of Jorge Madlos (Ka Oris), Julius Giron (Ka Nars), Menardo Villanueva (Ka Bok), Antonio Cabanatan (Ka Manlimbasog) and other revolutionaries and communists who dedicated their entire lives to the struggle of the Filipino people for genuine freedom and democracy. Let us also remember all Party cadres, Red NPA fighters, revolutionaries, activists and ordinary people who sacrificed everything for the sake of the people. They all deserve to receive medals and recognition.

The shrine of the Filipino people’s martyrs is invincible. Their manifest resoluteness to fight imperialism, feudalism and bureaucrat capitalism alongside the Filipino masses is indisputable. We give them the highest respect and salutation!

Let us also salute all the revolutionary masses, activists of mass organizations, Red fighters, organizers and cadres of the Party who continue to persevere along the revolutionary path despite all difficulties and sacrifices especially in the face of the worsening campaign of US-instigated fascist terrorism. Amid fascist darkness, they are beacons who guide the people’s resistance.

Beyond remembering and honoring our martyrs and heroes, let us declare before their shrine our wholehearted resolve to take on their path and shoulder the heavy tasks in order to further advance the revolutionary struggle to end all forms of oppression and exploitation of the people.

The Filipino people’s suffering is further worsening under the US-Marcos regime. The regime imposes anti-people policies and program in favor of foreign capitalists. To attract foreign capitalists, wages of workers and rank-and-file employees are kept grossly low relative to their families’ needs. People are disposssed of their land, mountains, rivers and oceans which serve as their source of livelihood.

Marcos’ subservience to his US imperialist masters is brazen in allowing its plan to build four or more additional military bases, especially in northern Luzon, in accordance with US war provocations through inciting Taiwan’s separation from China. Marcos is allowing the US to use and pull the Philippines into a war that will certainly be inimical to the Filipino people’s lives and freedom.

The sacrifice of our heroes have borne fruit in the form of revolutionary power attained and established throughout the country. This power comes from the people. It is deep-going and widespread and continues to expand. It will never be overcome even in the face of the enemy’s relentless military campaigns of repression. This power is the future of the Filipino people.

Marcos’ anti-people and anti-democratic rule, and the worsening crisis of the ruling semicolonial and semifeudal system are manifestations of the continuing necessity to wage revolutionary struggle for national democracy. It has already advanced a long way. The road remains long and tortuous, but needs to be taken if one aims to create the opportunity for Filipinos to enjoy a new life.

The Party calls on the Filipino people to remain dauntless amid the struggle against the enemy’s reign of terror, and to fight to attain justice for all victims of fascist terrorism.

Continue to strengthen the organized ranks of the people and advance the militant struggles to advance the patriotic and democratic demands of the people. Unite the Filipino people to isolate and fight the US-Marcos regime.

The entire party, from the Central Committee down to all its branches, as well as units of the New People’s Army, and all revolutionary mass organizations, are determined to strengthen their links with the broad masses of the people and continue to lead their struggles, and press on the path of revolutionary resistance.

Vow to advance and strengthen the revolution by the shrine of heroes and martyrs