Armed perseverance in Gaza against US and Israeli genocide

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After 20 days of threatening “all-out occupation” of Gaza, a limited number of Zionist Israeli troops invaded the northern part of the Palestinian land on October 27. Under the cover of massive bombings targeting cables and communication lines, troops on tanks, bulldozers, armored vehicles and other military vehicles invaded with complete arrogance.

They were met with bombs, explosives, mortar and grenades from fighters of the Izz Ad-Din al-Qassam Brigades, the armed branch of the Hamas group (Islamic Resistance Movement). In intense battle of tanks versus fighters, Al-Qassam demonstrated its deep knowledge of Israeli tactics and equipment.

According to its spokesman Abu Obeida, al-Qassam blew up and destroyed at least 22 military vehicles in the first 48 hours alone of the occupation. For the second time, it stung the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF), most of whom had no actual combat experience. Many of the IDF were killed, including the tanks battalion commander.

Hamas is confident of defeating any Israeli forces on land where they have the superior advantage of terrain and mass support. Its fighters can quickly and secretly move around along miles of tunnels beneath Gaza. These are bomb-proof, impenetrable by tanks and equipped with its own communication system beyond the range of Israeli’s electronic surveillance.

Hamas is the ruling party in Gaza. It was a product of the first intifada or mass uprising in 1987 and has close links with other Islamic groups in the Middle East. In 2006, it was elected to administer Gaza. It did not relinquish armed resistance as its main weapon against Israel’s brutal occupation. In recent years, it developed its own production of mortar, rocket-propelled grenade (RPG), submarines, drones and other weapons.

Parallel to Hamas operations are those of other Gaza armed groups such as the Al-Quds Brigade, Islamic Jihad and the Popular Liberation Front of Palestine.

Al-Qassam initially took Zionist Israel by surprise when it launched the Al-Aqsa Flood on October 7. This surprise attack was not prevented, nor detected, by Israel’s advanced surveillance system, drones, electronic equipment, satellites or by its daily attacks.

According to Obeida, the operation consummates several years of preparation and training, studying the enemy’s character and equipment, and circumventing its huge intelligence system. Its attacks, staged from the ground, water and even from the air using paragliders, were well-planned, swift and had clear aims.

Israel has gone berserk in retaliation to the embarrassment caused by the operation. Working with the US, it has intensified its genocide against the Gaza civilian population. On November 2, the US and Israel had dropped up to 25,000 tons of bombs at Gaza, equivalent to two nuclear bombs. It has relentlessly destroyed homes, hospitals, schools, churches, evacuation centers and water, electric and telecommunications infrastructure.

Since October 7, Israeli bombs have killed more than 10,000, including over 4,100 children and 2,600 women. Over 500 entire families were massacred. Nothing is safe in Gaza, where journalists and even ambulances are targeted.

While dropping bombs, Israel has taken hostage of Palestinian civilians. Around 4,000 Palestinian workers are being kept as hostages in IDF military camps. Up to 1,070 were arbitrarily arrested in West Bank and East Jerusalem. They suffer severe torture, beating, humiliation and physical abuse in the hands of Israeli soldiers and armed settlers.

Despite Israel’s terrorism, Hamas expressed willingness to release all its al-Aqsa Flood captives through negotiations. It has, in fact, already released women, children and elderly people on humanitarian grounds. Those released revealed they were treated well and fairly by the fighters.

Armed perseverance in Gaza against US and Israeli genocide