Anti-imperialist armed resistance needed worldwide

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To maintain and expand its economic and political interests in the Middle East, US imperialism is now pouring support to Zionist Israel to suppress the Palestinian people’s struggle for national liberation. On the mistaken notion that it can put an end to the Palestinian people’s determination to fight, the US abetted and aided the Zionists in the bombardment of Gaza, killing more than 10,000 Palestinians, including over 4,100 children. The hands of US imperialism and the Zionist government of Israel are drenched in the Palestinian people’s blood.

All-out US support to Zionist Israel’s genocide against Palestinians take the form of a new $14.5 billion military assistance package, deployment of warships, submarines and nuclear weapons in the Mediterranean Sea, flying Reaper drones, and other intervention. To shield Israel, the US is threatening and aiming at nations and other forces supportive of the Palestinian people, such as Iran and Lebanon. The US has already dropped bombs on adjacent Syria.

The suppression of the struggle of the Palestinian people by the US along with the Zionists in Israel form part of the contradiction between imperialism and the oppressed people seeking national independence. The particular aim of US imperialism is to maintain its power in the Middle East through the Israeli government, in order to protect its interest in the region’s oil resources.

Despite the fact that they are fighting colossal twin-monsters—US-Israel—the Palestinian people are showing iron will, courage and willingness to sacrifice to end their oppression, and fight for their right to national self-determination. They have to bear arms to fight armed suppression against them. Without armed resistance, they will forever be prisoners in their own land.

The struggle of the Palestinian people is linked to the struggle of the working class and people around the world against the exploitative and oppressive system ruled by imperialism. Like the Palestinian people, all oppressed classes and people need to wage armed struggle, along with their mass movements, to fight the ruling state that employs armed violence to perpetuate the oppressive and exploitative system.

In many semicolonial and semifeudal countries, armed struggle takes the form of protracted people’s war to encircle the cities from the countryside. It is waged together with a widespread democratic mass movement. In industrialized capitalist countries, all legal struggles being carried out by workers and the toiling masses serve as preparation for a future armed insurrection to overthrow the bourgeois state.

The Palestinian people’s perseverance to tread the path of armed resistance again proves that people and classes who suffer the worst forms of oppression and exploitation are the most determined to wage struggles for liberation. Like the Palestinians, the oppressed and exploited classes and people in the Philippines, India, Turkey, Myanmar, Kurdistan and other backward or semicolonial and semifeudal countries are determined to fight. In these countries, majority of people suffer the worst levels of hunger and poverty. They know that apart from the path of armed resistance, no other path exists to alter their destiny.

As in Palestine, the flames of armed struggle, the highest form of resistance required to crush the armed reactionary state and end its fascist and terrorist rule, will not be extinguished.

In various parts of the world, protests by great numbers of people are continuously erupting to demand an end to the brutal occupation of Palestine. In support of the Palestinian people who now are engaged in armed confrontation with the terrorist state of Zionist Israel, armed revolutionaries all over the world must launch tactical offensives to strike at imperialism and all those who support the genocide in Gaza.

While waging a war of intervention in the Middle East, US imperialism is also intensifying conflicts around the world. The US is heightening its contradictions with rival imperialist powers China and Russia. In Europe and Asia, even in Africa, the US is stoking wars all over. The US will take advantage of all conflicts that it can ignite in different parts of the world to expand the scope of its military power and give its military capitalists an opportunity to make fat profits.

Prior to the outbreak of Palestine’s resistance, the 20-month war in Ukraine was the center of the imperialist clash between the US and its allies in NATO against Russia. In Asia, the US continues to grow its military presence to surround and provoke its rival China. The US is inciting Taiwan’s separation from China, militarizing the South China Sea by dragging allies in “war games,” and intensifying the tension between China and the Philippines.

Armed revolution is the most effective way to prevent and quell inter-imperialist wars being stoked by the US in various parts of the world, pulling in small countries, and causing great harm and pain to hundreds of millions of people. By waging armed struggle in the Philippines that keep puppet US troops engaged, the revolutionary movement prevents the outbreak of inter-imperialist war; and if this could not be prevented, will surely take advantage of such a war to further the armed revolution.

Under the leadership of the Party, the working class and the masses of the Filipino people are fully determined to advance the armed revolution. The revolutionary forces are determined to further strengthen the NPA and advance the people’s war to end imperialist oppression, seize political power and establish the new democratic government to represent the people and lead the country to a free and bright future.

Anti-imperialist armed resistance needed worldwide