NPA-Bukidnon sanctions Duterte crony construction company

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A team of the New People’s Army (NPA)-Bukidnon paralyzed two backhoes of Ulticon Builders Incorporated (UBI) on October 16 in Sityo Mahagwa, Barangay Hagpa, Impasug-ong. The UBI construction company is owned by a Duterte crony which has cornered large public contracts worth ₱1-3 billion per year.

The UBI is involved in projects that destroy the environment and farms, and dispossess farmers of their land. The company is notorious for very low wages, non-payment of 13th month salary and other benefits. It also did not indemnify for damaged houses, farms and belongings of residents during its construction.

In 2018 and 2021, the NPA has already sanctioned UBI for its destruction of the environment and abuse of workers.

Contracts of UBI include construction of “farm-to-market-roads” (FMR) in northern and southern Mindanao now in use by big bourgeois compradors to facilitate the entry and operation of foreign mining companies, expansion of commercial plantations and energy plants on agricultural and ancestral lands.

The UBI colludes with the AFP’s anti-people counterinsurgency campaign in these FMR projects. The company openly supports “peace programs” of the butcher 403rd Brigade and NTF-Elcac that terrorize the people of Bukidnon. Apart from FMR construction in the province, it is also into construction of facilities inside the 8th IB military camp.

UBI was established in 1993 by the Gonzalez family in Davao and is now headed by Carlos Gonzalez. His son Lisandro Gonzalez is now representative of the MARINO partylist and deputy majority leader in the lower house. He is also among UBI operators. Lisandro is one of the staunch supporters of the Marcos regime’s proposals, including the Maharlika Investment Fund.

NPA-Bukidnon sanctions Duterte crony construction company