Intensify the resistance to the US-Marcos regime amid crisis and conflict

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Concurrent economic and political crises are now pounding the rotten ruling system in the country. The intense suffering of the Filipino people amid the crisis further inflames their determination to fight for their livelihood and well-being, defend their democratic rights and fight for the people’s welfare against foreign plunder and oppression.

The country’s economy lies prostrate under the collapse of manufacturing and agriculture, national bankruptcy and rising mountains of debt. Tied to the global capitalist system now undergoing a stagnation, the Philippine economy is expected to fall into a recession or further contraction in the coming months. The crisis is further exacerbated by brazen large-scale corruption by the Marcos ruling clique and wasteful large military expenditures.

The livelihood and state of life of the broad working class masses and petty bourgeoisie are on a free-fall. Prices of oil, food and other basic commodities constantly rise, while people’s wages and income remain insufficient despite toiling all day. Under neoliberal policies, millions are unemployed, robbed of land, and deprived of their sources of income (fishermen, vendors, small shops, jeepney drivers and operators) by foreign companies and big capitalists. Majority of Filipino families are deep in the mud of poverty and destitution.

Marcos is head over heels to provide tax holidays, land, and armed forces protection and other privileges to foreign big capitalists and their local big comprador bourgeoisie, cronies and bureaucrat capitalists. On the other hand, he ignores the grievances of the toiling masses and the entire Filipino people seeking higher wages, genuine land reform, price reduction, employment, and other urgent demands.

The moment he took power, Marcos immediately paid homage to the US imperialists. In line with US policy of countering China’s growing economic and military power, Marcos paved the way for the expansion of US military presence in the country and allowed the use of the country as a large US military base.

Amid economic crisis and diminishing resources which could be shared among themselves, rival factions of the ruling classes are engaged in heightened conflict, even between the ruling Marcos and Duterte cliques, who are both hungry for wealth and power. The Marcoses and Dutertes are now publicly shoving one another.

It is clear to the people that the US-Marcos regime is anti-poor and anti-people. The ruling Marcos regime is isolated from the Filipino masses. It is much hated by the people for being an heir to the Marcos dictatorship, and because it now sits in power because of widespread fraud and manipulation of the 2022 elections. It is now even more detested because of its outrageous luxurious lifestyle and waste of the people’s money in jet-setting and banquets, while the masses of the people are mired in poverty and hunger.

State tyranny under the US-Marcos regime is relentless. It imposes terror and fear through such brutal fascist tactics as murder, abduction, torture, prolonged incarceration using fabricated charges, and imprisonment of entire communities in military garrisons. Amid crisis, it muffles the people’s voices in a futile attempt of suppressing their grievances and resistance. However, it is also teaching the masses that they have no other recourse but to unite and struggle to defend their rights, rather suffer worse poverty and death.

The crisis generates conditions that favor further arousing, organizing and mobilizing the masses. The Party is in a position to lead bigger mass struggles and strengthen the revolutionary mass movement both in the city and countryside, in the framework of the overall advance of the people’s democratic revolution.

To effectively lead the Filipino people, the Party needs to overcome and repudiate various forms of conservatism, reformism and legalism which has blocked the people’s march to the path of resistance. Strengthen the determination, courage, and militance of the masses to fight.

Under the leadership of the Party and revolutionary forces, the economic mass struggles of all democratic classes and sectors must be further strengthened, especially of the workers and peasants masses who make up the majority of the people, as well as other sectors of the toiling masses and pettybourgeoisie. In all corners of the country, amplify their defense of their rights and well-being, and their the condemnation of fascism and oppression of the US-Marcos regime.

Fully expose the foreign monopoly capitalist banks and corporations behind the plunder and oppression of the Filipino people. Strengthen as well the struggles against US military intervention in the Philippines and fight for national independence amid inter-imperialist armed conflicts.

Galvanize further the anti-fascist struggles. Double efforts to expose state terrorism in the countryside. Fight for justice for all victims of fascist crimes. Raise the capacity and determination of the masses to fight back through legal and other means.

Build the broadest anti-Marcos united front and fully isolate the ruling Marcos regime from the people. At the same time, make vigorous effort to make Duterte and his minions account for their fascist crimes, election fraud and corruption. Encourage the active involvement of the middle sections of the people against the US-Marcos regime.

Mass struggles are bound to grow stronger in the coming months, along with the strengthening of the armed struggle in the countryside and the worsening crisis of the ruling system. The New People’s Army must be strengthened to strike at the fascist criminals and defend the people.

Bring together the collective anger of the masses and direct their aim at the Marcos regime and the Duterte clique. Promote the revolutionary mass movement and armed struggle to fight and shake the foundations of the US-Marcos regime.

Intensify the resistance to the US-Marcos regime amid crisis and conflict