Gatherings commemorate 55th Party anniversary

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Branches and committees of the Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP), units of the New People’s Army (NPA), the National Democratic Front of the Philippines and its allied organizations launched celebrations, gatherings and study meetings in various parts of the country over the last two weeks of December 2023. This was to commemorate the 55th anniversary of the Party last December 26.

The gatherings discussed mainly the Party’s Central Committee (CC) statement on the occasion of the anniversary. The discussions centered on the Party rectification movement spearheaded by the CC.

The Party called to “decisively and vigorously carry forward a comprehensive rectification movement to wage a crucial struggle to repudiate the pernicious effect and influences of various strains of bourgeois and petty-bourgeois subjectivism.”

In some areas, a simple get-together and program was held with the masses. There were also cultural performances. These activities were held despite focused military operations in several fronts, and in secret gatherings in the city unknown to the enemy.

Before and on the day of the anniversary, Party cadres and members, including those within the people’s army, also took pledges to strengthen their commitment to the constitution and its program.

KM in Southern Tagalog

Among those who celebrated were hundreds of young people from different parts of Southern Tagalog led by Kabataang Makabayan (KM) in the region. Its chapters discussed the statement of the CC and the Party Regional Committee. Some of them celebrated in the guerilla fronts along with the NPA.
According to Karina Mabini, the KM regional branch spokesperson, it is only proper to review both the achievements and weaknesses in order to continue advancing wave upon wave with the people. The initiations of the rectification movement was warmly received by their membership.

In the gathering of its urban chapters, KM-Southern Tagalog stated that its program includes exposure plans with NPA units. KM-Southern Tagalog members who previously immersed in the people’s army unit also shared their experience in said activity.

Meanwhile, KM members felt elated and secure during celebrations in a unit of the people’s army. According to some attendees, “it raises our spirit to continue mass campaigns and advance the revolution.” At a coffee session before returning to the city, visitors shared how they immediately felt secure and relaxed when they reached the guerrilla front and found their comrade Red fighters there. Some of the members of KM-Southern Tagalog decided to stay behind to become fulltime fighters.

Greetings from the international community

Various international parties and organizations also conveyed solidarity and greetings on the occasion of the Party’s anniversary. Organizations from India, Turkey, the United States, and Ireland, and the Friends of the Filipino People in Struggle (FFPS) issued statements of solidarity.

In a video-statement, the Central Committee of the Communist Party of India (Maoist) honored the CPP for over five decades of leading the Filipino people’s national-democratic struggle.

“Since over five decades ago, the Philippines’ national-democratic struggle has been advancing under the guidance of the CPP Central Committee despite countless trials and rectifications and weaknesses and twists and turns,” according to the CPI (Maoist).

Anti-Imperialist Action-Ireland recognized the Party’s “bold new step” in launching the rectification movement. The group says “it will produce a new generation of revolutionary flag-bearers and revolutionaries from among the Filipino people.” They added that they have full confidence in the Party and are proud to be witnessing another important phase in the Philippine revolution.

Gatherings commemorate 55th Party anniversary