Advance and thoroughly carry out the rectification movement!

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Party cadres and committees around the country welcomed the call of the Central Committee in its statement on the Party’s 55th anniversary to advance and thoroughly carry out the rectification movement to strengthen the Party in its leadership of the Filipino people’s resistance to the US-Marcos regime and the people’s democratic revolution.

Cadres, mass activists and fighters were filled with new revolutionary energy and determination. They were roused by the Central Committee’s analysis of the current situation and its self-critical assessment of the revolutionary movement in recent years. They are fully determined to rectify errors, weaknesses and shortcomings, and strengthen the Party and the Philippine revolution.

The Party and the Central Committee shined a light on the path to renew the strengthen and advance the revolution in the coming period. It repudiated the bourgeois and petty bourgeois thoughts and mode of thinking within the party. These have caused the Right and “Left” errors, weaknesses and opportunist tendencies which have hindered the revolution’s progress in recent years. These mistakes have led to losses and reversals in the field of armed struggle, as well as in the field of the revolutionary mass movement in the cities and countryside.

The rectification movement is mainly a study movement on Marxism-Leninism-Maoism and the Party’s basic principles. It aims to further strengthen the Party ideologically as the firm foundation for carrying out duties in various fields of revolutionary work.

Party cadres are determined to read and hold discussions as a way of reviewing the basic revolutionary principles. They are resolute in their decision to sharpen their proletarian minds to sharply analyze their experiences, self-criticize and forge a correct plan to advance.

The writings of the Party’s founding chair Ka Jose Maria Sison, as well as the classic writings of the great communist teachers Marx, Engels, Lenin, Stalin and Mao are actively being reviewed by cadres and revolutionary forces. They aim to raise their knowledge of theory to serve as guide to the study of practical or daily issues in waging armed struggle and advancing the revolutionary mass movement.

Along the framework of the rectification movement, a movement to conduct social investigation and class analysis was launched by the Central Committee at the beginning of the year to be conducted at all levels of the Party in both the countryside and cities–from the national leadership to the basic branches. The Central Committee is mobilizing cadres and activists to determine and report the concrete situation of the masses in their respective areas to deepen our grasp of the worsening degeneration of the semicolonial and semifeudal system. The particular aim of this movement is to identify the key problems and issues of the masses to serve as basis for plans to unite and mobilize them in the fight to defend their economic and democratic rights.

The Party’s humble self-criticism and the initiation of the rectification movement indicates its firm adherence to dialectical and historical materialism, and is the mark of a communist party that is faithful to the interests of the proletariat and all the oppressed and exploited classes. This way, the Party is confident of revitalizing the revolution, recovering losses and leading the revolutionary struggle to another phase of advance.

In particular, the Party believes that through the rectification movement, the revolutionary movement will advance in all-rounded way. The Party must handle and comprehensively advance the promotion of long-term people’s war through a comprehensive and intense guerrilla warfare on the basis of expanding and deepening mass bases, or in other words, comprehensive and coherent promotion of armed struggle, agrarian revolution and strengthening the organized mass base.

The armed struggle is being waged in conjunction with advancing the revolutionary mass movement in the cities and the countryside, strengthening the antifascist, anti-imperialist and antifeudal movement against the ruling oppressive, puppet and fascist US-Marcos regime, expanding the united front, and tightening solidarity of the international anti-imperialist movement and world proletarian revolution.

The Party anticipates that under the guidance of the rectification movement, great strides will be made in the coming years. Even now, units of the New People’s Army are working hard to break free from the enemy’s massive focused military operations. The NPA is firmly determined to widen its guerrilla fronts and expand the mass base, while thoroughly fighting alongside the peasant masses against the AFP’s maniacal and blood-thirsty war of armed suppression.

In the face of the worsening rural suffering, the Party sees the mobilization of hundreds of thousands to millions of peasants and minority masses across the country against worsening forms of feudal and semifeudal exploitation, and against land grabbing and the aggressive entry of mining operations, plantations, infrastructure, ecotourism and other projects that plunder wealth and the environment.

In the face of the worsening suffering in the cities, the Party sees the heightening of the economic and political struggles of various democratic sectors against the US-Marcos regime’s pro-imperialist and oppressive policies. The growth of the revolutionary movement in the cities will directly serve the growing support for and mass recruitment of workers, workers, young students, teachers and other intellectuals to the NPA.

The first and second great rectification movements were crucial stages in the Party’s history which both steered the Philippine revolution to the path of renewed advance. The current rectification movement that is being thoroughly being carried out by cadres and fighters—like the first and second—will undoubtedly bear historical significance in bringing the people’s democratic revolution to a higher level of advance.

Advance and thoroughly carry out the rectification movement!