NPA-Central Negros launches political-military training

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Amid intensified military operations in the guerrilla front, Red commanders and fighters resolutely launched a Political-Military Basic Course on January 20-27. The activity aims to arm the fighters with basic political-military principles to bravely resist the Marcos regime’s counter-revolutionary campaign of repression.

The training also forms part of the guerrilla front’s effort to overcome ideological, political and organizational weaknesses that hinder the comprehensive advancement of the people’s war in their area of responsibility, especially in the field of armed struggle, according to the New People’s Army (NPA)-Central Negros.

“The exercise was carried out successfully because of the revolutionary cooperation of the fighters and commanders, and the unwavering support of the masses for the unit’s economic, financial and security needs,” the unit said. The one-week training boosted the courage and determination of participating fighters.

According to Ka Monique, a Red fighter, “it’s really better when you train because you won’t fear facing the enemy, especially considering that this is part of our central duty as an army.” Political-military trainings like this helps “avoid a purely military mindset or being militaristic…because to be good militarily, is to be good at politics,” said Ka Turko, platoon leader and main instructor in the training.

NPA-Central Negros launches political-military training