Baguio City youth protest against genocide in Palestine

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More than 300 youth and students from Baguio City participated in the day of action yesterday, July 7, against the genocide of the Zionist Israel, supported by the imperialist US, on the Palestinians in the Gaza Strip. The protest was launched at Malcolm Square in Baguio City led by Anakbayan-Metro Baguio.

They focused the protest on the 9th month of the siege and relentless Israeli attacks and bombing of Gaza. The students who participated in the protest came from Saint Louis University, University of the Philippines-Baguio, University of Baguio, and University of the Cordilleras.

Since October 7, 2023, when Israel began its attack on Gaza, it has killed at least 38,153 Palestinians, of whom 15,983 were children and 10,637 were women, in a total of 3,300 massacre incidents. Around 10,000 people were also recorded missing while the total number of injured was 87,828.

“The Filipinos, also as colonized people, share the same struggle for liberation from US imperialism, using all means necessary to establish a society with democracy, justice, and peace,” Anakbayan-Metro Baguio said.

It said that this includes the struggle of the Cordillera people and the indigenous people here for the right to self-determination in the face of land dispossession and plunder of resources under US-backed neoliberal policies.

“The Filipino people have more in common with the Palestinian masses. This is why we should stand in solidarity with the Palestinians, the oppressed, and the people who are fighting for genuine liberation,” the group also said.

More than 30 organizations in Baguio City expressed solidarity against the genocide of the Palestinians.

AB: Baguio City youth protest against genocide in Palestine