Youths join barricade in Lupang Tartaria

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Amid continued pressure and harassment by Ayala-Aguinaldo mercenaries, young people from Metro Manila and other nearby provinces trooped to Lupang Tartaria in Silang, Cavite to join the residents and farmers’ barricade.

They arrived in the area after the Jarton Security Group violently entered and cordoned off Tartaria Land on April 20. The guards looted some of the barricaders’ equipment, including that of a journalist. Some of the residents were also injured and hurt.

The Kabataan Partylist report says a delegation of youth and paralegal officers went to Lupang Tartaria to investigate the overall situation and to expose Ayala-Aguinaldo’s land grabbing. They launched discussions, studies and cultural performances in the community.

Elements of Jarton Security have surrounded the camp of youths and peasants. “The armed robbers are only 10 meters away…the residents are sleepless for fear that they might be attacked again,” reports Kabataan Partylist.

The group called for help and support from the media to expose the issue to the wider public, as well as local and national government officials to take action against land grabbing. They also encouraged lawyers to join and help the farmers’ legal battle.

Meanwhile, Anakbayan’s reported yesterday, April 23, that the Jarton Security Agency and the residents were given a “notice of hearing” to attend the hearing on April 25 to discuss the violence and land grabbing.

“Anakbayan recognizes this as a step for Lupang Tartaria farmers to forward their grievances and appeals. We also hope that this will serve as a way to hold Jarton Security Group accountable for their violence and to stop the grabbing of the Ayalas and Aguinaldos,” said the group.

Tartaria is part of the 200-hectare property claimed by the Aguinaldo family in Cavite. Ayala Land Inc. is a partner of the Aguinaldos in land grabbing as a land developer.

AB: Youths join barricade in Lupang Tartaria