94th IB RCSP unit rape 2 women in Himamaylan City

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Just this week, the Philippine National Police (PNP) – Himamaylan City, Negros Occidental released a statement through PLt. Col. Reynante Jomocan that a rape case against a minor was documented in Brgy. Carabalan, Himamaylan City where the suspects are the alleged armed group involved in the Fausto family massacre last June 14. Without directly naming the “New People’s Army (NPA)” and just beating around the bush, obviously the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP)-PNP want to put the blame on the revolutionary forces of the NPA.

The truth is, way before the PNP released the statement, a unit of the Mount Cansermon Command (MCC-NPA) was already investigating the matter due to complaints raised by the victims’ kin.

According to the preliminary investigation of Red fighters, the rape incident occurred during the conduct of Retooled Community Support Program (RCSP) by the 94th IB’s Charlie Company based in Brgy. Mahalang, a neighboring barangay of Carabalan. From July 25 up to the month of September, the said unit encamped in a church and in houses at Sitio Cunalom-Lunoy, part of militarized areas in Brgy. Carabalan.

Within the duration of their civil military operation, two senior citizens were illegally arrested, six farmers were assaulted, and threats and deception were conducted through the 94th IB’s so-called “loudspeaker operations”.

To cover up their violence and douse the people’s anger on their abuses, 94th IB soldiers initiated a basketball league and disco night at Sitio Cunalom-Lunoy. They persuaded the youth to bond with them and not be “deceived by the NPA.”

Around the last week of August, when the military organized a disco night, the people witnessed two women (one 15-year-old and another around 18-21 years old) approached by five civilian-clothed 94th IB members near the entrance of the venue and were forced by the soldiers to go with them. The people recognized the five men to be members of the 94th IB since they were among the soldiers conducting RCSP in their community.

The next day, news about the two girls spread in the sitio and the neighboring sitios. According to the victims’ families, the two went home wearing military uniforms after they were raped. The MCC-NPA’s investigation of the case is still on going and the victims’ identities are undisclosed to protect their dignity and security.

Due to embarassment and the uncontrollable dissemination of what happened, the 94th IB’s RCSP unit suddenly withdrew from the area and returned more than a week later.

This incident increases the already numerous cases of human rights violations, particularly by 94th IB soldiers who are notorious criminals involved in murders, physical assault, illegal arrests, and other brutal and inhumane acts.

The baseless statements and accusations of PNP-Himamaylan City against the NPA only show their desperation in defeating and smearing the prestige of the NPA. This is akin to trumped-up cases filed last September 1 against individuals tagged as NPA members and alleged suspects in the Fausto family massacre despite the lack of authorization from the remaining kin of the victims. It is a complete opposite of the victims’ family’s claim that to them the true perpetrators of the massacre are the AFP-PNP.

The PNP and AFP are only worsening their already rotten credibilities through making false statements with the intent to destroy the NPA.

The MCC-NPA challenges the LGU of Himamaylan City to help the farmers who are victims of relentless human rights violations in Brgy. Carabalan.

The MCC-NPA also urges the people particularly in highly militarized areas and those experiencing countless abuses by the AFP-PNP to unite, remain firm and collectively resist the atrocities in order to defend their livelihoods and communities.

We are also asking for the all-out support of the people and also for assistance in investigating these cases such as extrajudicial killings and rape cases so the criminal 94th IB who continue to scourge the area will be made accountable.

Along with this, the MCC-NPA vows to make the AFP-PNP/NTF-Elcac, especially the 94th IB, answer for their crimes. Units of Red fighters will mount tactical offensives that will weaken the enemy and seize their weapons to be utilized in claiming justice and advancing the people’s aspirations.###

94th IB RCSP unit rape 2 women in Himamaylan City