Condemn US government for providing cluster bombs to Ukraine

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The Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) condemns the US government for its plan to provide cluster bombs for the Zelensky government of Ukraine. The plan was announced last Thursday by US Pres. Joe Biden as part of its new \$800 million military package for Ukraine.

In 2008, more than 120 countries signed the Oslo Declaration prohibiting the use of cluster bombs. The US, as well as Russia, China, Israel and others did not sign the declaration. When dropped from the air, cluster bombs detonate before reaching the earth causing more widespread damage, and spread smaller bombs that get buried under the soil, leaving a field of explosive mines that will pose a danger to civilians.

The CPP denounces the US for continuing to stoke the war in Ukraine by pouring weapons to the Zelensky government in line with the US thrust of prolonging the war in the hope of degrading the military capability of Russia. The Ukrainian government has sought the cluster bombs which it hopes to cause “extraordinary psycho-emotional impact” against Russia. In providing these cluster bombs, the Biden government will be directly abetting violations of international humanitarian law.

This is the latest act of the US in its long history of violations of IHL, including the bombing of Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia which left large swathes of land pockmarked with unexploded ordnance including land mines. All through history, from the Philippines to Vietnam, Iraq to Afghanistan, US imperialism has proved to be the biggest war criminal in the world.

The brutal aerial bombing campaign of the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) using heavy bombs, jet fighters and drones which intensified starting 2017 is also the direct result of US intervention, making it complicit in violations of international humanitarian law and rules of war.

Condemn US government for providing cluster bombs to Ukraine