Drawing inspiration from Gat Andres and Ericson Acosta: Fight imperialism and advance the revolution!

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As Kabataang Makabayan commemorates its 59th anniversary of remaining at the forefront of the struggle for national liberation and social justice alongside other revolutionary organizations from different sectors, Kabataang Makabayan-South Central Negros hails the revolutionary youth who continue to choose the path of armed struggle as the only means of effecting genuine social change.

The history of Kabataang Makabayan has undeniably showcased the unwavering power and relevance of the youth in the Filipino revolutionary movement. This is particularly evident in the midst of escalating crisis that relentlessly plagues the Filipino masses. We witnessed this during the tyrannical reign of Marcos Sr., and we continue to see it today as we confront the continuous exploitation inflicted especially on the working class and the peasant class by the landlords and big compradors.

The youth continues to stand resolute against the blatant historical revisionism propagated by the administration of Marcos Jr, as well as in the relentless persecution and slaughter of human rights defenders and the Filipino masses who bravely assert and defend their rights. Moreover, we vehemently oppose the control of US imperialism over our country and the desperate attempt of its rival, China, to dig its claws into our sovereignty and territory, threatening an inter-imperialist war.

Despite the efforts to suppress the revolutionary movement through witch-hunting tactics and the dissemination of deceitful propaganda, our ranks have persevered and flourished; showing unwavering defiance. In Negros, more enlightened youth have embraced the path of armed struggle, recognizing that it is the only means of achieving genuine agrarian reform and national industrialization, as the reactionary government grovels like a dog to the ruling class. Every day, the youth rises to join the noble cause of delivering justice to the victims of the fascist 94IB and 47IB, including the Fausto family massacred in Himamaylan City, the martyred Binalbagan 4, and countless others.

Furthermore, we pay tribute to Gat Andres Bonifacio, who led the Philippine revolution in 1896, leading the revolution against Spanish colonizers, and Ericson “Ka Fredo” Acosta, whose life, along with his companion Joseph Jimenez’s, was mercilessly taken by reactionary state forces just last year on this very same day. Their sacrifices fuel our fiery determination to continue the fight against tyranny and injustice.

They were once like us—young, open to ideas, and militant. As such, we must draw inspiration from the heroic deeds of these two vanguards of the revolution from different generations. We must equip ourselves with revolutionary bravery and optimism akin to that of Gat Andres and Ka Fredo. Ultimately, we must fully understand Marxism-Leninism-Maoism and grasp its principles while upholding solidarity with the Filipino proletariat.

Today, we reaffirm our dedication to forward the national democratic revolution with a socialist perspective. We continue to wholeheartedly commit our abilities and lives to the cause of revolution. In the approaching days, as the Marcos Jr. regime persists in oppressing and exploiting the Filipino masses, anticipate a surge of revolutionary youth embracing the cause of the revolution alongside the proletariat and peasant class.

Long live Gat Andres Bonifacio!
Long live Ka Fredo!
Long live the revolutionary youth!

Drawing inspiration from Gat Andres and Ericson Acosta: Fight imperialism and advance the revolution!