Binalbagan ambush aftermath Failure of intelligence should not be blamed on barangay officials, civilians


The MCC condemned the recent fascist moves of PNP Binalbagan patently directed at pinning the blame for yesterday’s ambush on barangay tanods and other civilians of Barangay Biao.

Few hours after the ambush, PNP personnel ransacked the house of a civilian nearby and wreck a motorcycle parked outside. Nobody’s home at the time since everyone was working at the fields. The owner was later harshly interrogated.

Not contented with subjecting an innocent civilian to a very stressful and traumatic experience, the PNP chief of BInalbagan compulsorily summoned him for another round of investigation and intrerrogation without legal representation.

Also today, the entire barangay tanod force of Biao was summoned for investigation for their alleged connection or collusion with the MCC unit which conducted the ambush.

This is clearly diversionary aimed to deviate from their failure of intelligence to detect an upcoming attack or even discover some of its key indicators. As this will tarnish their “winning” image. This blunder in intelligence is further magnified by the fact that the ambush site was sorrounded by nearby AFP positions or encampments.

MCC complied with all international conventions on the humanitarian conduct of warfare. No civilians were deliberately targeted or put in harm’s way in its actual operations.

By upholding absolute secrecy and mastering guerilla tactics, the concerned MCC unit was able to muster necessary number of armed personnel near the proper of Biao for a surprise offensive action right in the very nose enemy’s intelligence networks and assets.

Blaming the civilians for their own failing is callous and gross violation of people’s civil and political rights. ###

Failure of intelligence should not be blamed on barangay officials, civilians