International Day of Remembrance for Ka Oris on November 7, 2021

The Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) declares November 7, 2021 as the International Day of Remembrance for Ka Oris (Comrade Jorge Madlos), erstwhile commander and spokesperson of the New People’s Army (NPA) and hero of the Filipino people.

The CPP instructs all units of the New People’s Army to stand in attention at high noon, raise the flags of the Party and the NPA and give a firm salute, by way of paying tribute to Ka Oris’ five decades of revolutionary service to the Filipino people and the people’s democratic revolution.

Party committees and revolutionary mass organizations can also hold their memorial meetings and assemblies in secret where they can read the tribute of the Central Committee and offer speeches and songs.

On that day, the Party enjoins all Red fighters and Party cadres to strengthen their determination to resist the enemy’s reign of terror against the people, and fight to attain justice for Ka Oris and all heroes and martyrs who were brutally felled by the fascists and state terrorists. Their supreme sacrifice for all the oppressed and exploited classes will not be for nothing.

It is auspicious to remember Ka Oris on November 7. On that day, more than one hundred years ago, the proletariat led by the Bolsheviks overthrew the bourgeoisie in Russia and opened a new era of human progress under socialism.

Indeed, Ka Oris was a Filipino Bolshevik who served the interests of the Filipino working class and gave his whole life to the cause of the international proletariat. He was optimistic that proletarian revolutionaries around the world will gain strength and shine light on the path for a new global resurgence of anti-imperialist and socialist struggles.

International Day of Remembrance for Ka Oris on November 7, 2021