Statement of KAGUMA on the CPP's 54th anniversary Celebrate the continuing strength and consolidation of the revolutionary movement under the leadership of the Communist Party of the Philippines! Defeat the brutal state-sponsored war and terrorism of the US-Marcos regime!

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The great victories of the Party would not be possible without the hard work, struggle and sacrifices of the Party cadres and members and all the people who have joined and supported them in the course of the revolutionary struggle. [JMS, 1993]

The members of Katipunan ng mga Gurong Makabayan (KAGUMA) greet and salute the Communist Party of the Philippines on its 54th founding anniversary! On this day we pay our highest tribute and express our profoundest respect to our fellow revolutionary teacher Jose Maria Sison. With the recent demise of the Party’s founding chair, we are being summoned again to broaden and consolidate our ranks in intensifying and advancing the people’s protracted war as revolutionary teachers and education workers. Professor Sison until his last breath demonstrated to us how to persevere in our tasks as revolutionary teachers in advancing the people’s struggle for national democratic revolution with socialist perspective.

On its 54th founding anniversary, we note the Party’s incessant gain in strength and consolidation among our ranks amidst the brutal and open fascist attacks on the people and the chronic world economic crisis poignantly bared by the post-pandemic economic recession exploding worldwide. With the brutal state terrorism resulting in the displacement and distress of the terror-stricken and poverty-stricken peasant masses and national minorities, and with the runaway stagflation pestering on the wretched lives of the working class, impoverishing further the miserable lives of our landless farmers, diminishing the remittances of our migrant workers, depriving the urban poor of decent housing, we surely are witnessing the resurgence of worldwide social discontent and popular resistance.

Therefore, by building on the gains and victories of the Party for five decades and more, let us greet the coming year by carrying on our urgent tasks in the Revolutionary Teachers Movement in broadening and consolidating our ranks through KAGUMA recruitment and chapter building in schools, departments, colleges, and universities; in fulfilling our propaganda task on the justness of armed struggle in a semi-colonial and semi-feudal society and in dispelling disinformation and historical distortion; and in directly contributing and/or participating in the armed struggle.

As revolutionary teachers and education workers, our primordial task is to organize the advanced sections of the education sector that have full grasp of the revolutionary armed struggle as the only solution to the chronic ills of the semi-colonial and semi-feudal society. Let us persevere in recruiting KAGUMA members and in consolidating our ranks into KAGUMA chapters and/or cells in our schools, departments, colleges, and universities that will collectively heed our urgent revolutionary propaganda and education task as part of the intelligentsia and our ultimate task in contributing and/or participating in the armed struggle in the counttysides.

It is imperative upon all revolutionary teachers and education workers to bear the torch of the justness and legitimacy of the revolutionary armed struggle and to persevere in defending the Party against demonization and terrorist-tagging. Let us push the reactionaries and their fascist agents into the defensive position by unmasking their heinous crimes against our people while we are defending ourselves against terrorist-tagging. Let us contribute massively to countering the swarming troll attacks on social media against our fellow revolutionary teachers and legitimate people’s organizations. Let us audaciously defend the Party’s program for revolutionary change. Let us vigorously use our classrooms as our basic platform in educating our people on the specific characteristics of our people’s war. In our social media accounts, collective statements, and traditional pedagogical practices let us expose the duplicity of the reactionary mouthpieces of the military and the fascist bureaucrat capitalists as the true enemies of our people. The Party and the New People’s Army, adhering to Marxism-Leninism-Maoism, are the only legitimate defenders of our people against state terrorism. As the vanguard party of the revolution, they will smash the tentacles of imperialism and will lead the proletariat to victory against capitalism.

As revolutionary cultural workers, it is our task to dispel and combat aggressively the escalating spread of disinformation on social media, as well as the historical revisionism creeping in our schools and textbooks, and the state-led red-tagging/terror tagging of legal mass organizations and mass leaders. Let us use our pedagogical resources and skills to win over the middle forces to our side, to actively organize the progressive teachers in our schools and clubs so that our revolutionary teachers will swell in our ranks. Let us lead in providing timely educational discussions for our progressive teachers.

As modem-day Rizals who are part of the Second Propaganda Movement, let us persevere in carrying on Rizal’s legacy in exposing and opposing the evils of foreign oppressors and local reactionary puppets. As modern-day Bonifacios that bear the torch of armed revolution, let us persevere in advancing the national democratic revolution with socialist perspective by bolstering the stronghold of MLM ideology among our members, community, and organizations under the leadership of the Party.

Long Live the Communist Party of the Philippines!

Long Live Proletarian Internationalism!

Defeat State-Sponsored War and Terrorism through Intensified Armed Revolution!

Onwards toward the Final Victory of National Democratic Revolution with Socialist Perspective!

Long Live Ka Joma!

Celebrate the continuing strength and consolidation of the revolutionary movement under the leadership of the Communist Party of the Philippines! Defeat the brutal state-sponsored war and terrorism of the US-Marcos regime!