LPC-NPA issues warning to all politicians for the 2022 national elections

The Leonardo Panaligan Command of the New People’s Army in Central Negros warns all reactionary politicians regarding the campaign season for the 2022 elections to:

1) Consult with nearby Party Committees or NPA units when campaigning in guerilla fronts and zones;
2) Strictly avoid vote buying, bribery, intimidation, and other forms of electioneering; and
3) Not to use the AFP, PNP, NTF-ELCAC and other paramilitary groups and goons when entering areas of the NPA.

Under the absolute leadership of the CPP, the NPA is directed to monitor the campaign period in their respective areas to ensure the safety and well-being of the masses. Red political power through the People’s Democratic Government and revolutionary organizations is established in the countryside, and disrespecting such authority of the people by not heeding the aforementioned warning or doing related violations will be subjected to revolutionary justice, such as disarming, disallowing of further campaigning, and confiscation of monies by the NPA to be used for social services like education, medical assistance, relief & rehabilitation, and other needs that cater to the basic rights of the people. Instead of vote buying, politicians are encouraged to contribute to revolutionary mass organizations to augment livelihood projects and other needs of the masses especially that Central Negros is severely damaged after the typhoon.

Furthermore, it is no secret that political violence is common in the countryside. Particularly in Moises Padilla, Isabela, Binalbagan in Negros Occidental and Vallehermoso, Canlaon, Guihulngan, La Libertad, Jimalalud in Negros Oriental, several cases of cold-blooded killings of politicians and their supporters have occurred during the past election period. Some of these cases have resulted to trumped-up murder charges against the victims and survivors while their murderers are at large with blood on their hands. The LPC-NPA will continue to pursue revolutionary justice for the victims of extrajudicial killings and other human rights violations due to intense political rivalry in Central Negros.

The upcoming elections is but a reflection of the rotting semifeudal and semicolonial society bound by worsening socioeconomic crisis, along with the global pandemic maximized for treacherous aims of the US-Duterte regime for either a fraudulent elections or a martial law declaration to postpone the elections. Additionally, the AFP’s declaration to launch decisive battles will surely result to intensified militarization and gross human rights violations. The CPP, NPA, broad united front of patriotic and progressive forces and the entire Filipino people are determined more than ever to face the tyranny of the regime and topple the ruling system. ###

LPC-NPA issues warning to all politicians for the 2022 national elections