Make US-Zionist Israel pay for 10,000 Palestinian deaths!

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For the nth time, we join all democratic forces across the world in demanding the Zionist Israel government and US imperialism to put an immediate end to the relentless bombardment of civilians in Gaza, which has killed more than 10,000 Palestinians, including over 4,100 children.

We extend our sympathies to the people of Gaza who are drowning in unspeakable sorrow amid widespread deaths. At the same time, we express our solidarity with the Palestinian masses and all their fighting forces, armed and unarmed, in their resistance to free their land from occupation by US-supported Israeli forces.

All the war criminals behind the genocide in Gaza must be made to account and punished for all their heinous acts. We are one with the Palestinian people in their demand for justice and retribution for the 10,000 martyrs of Gaza.

The unity and collective action of the Palestinian people will ensure victory to their cause. With perseverance, their just struggle for national self-determination and the liberation of the homeland will triumph.

Make US-Zionist Israel pay for 10,000 Palestinian deaths!