Message of condolences to Comrade Irina Malinovskaya

Dear Comrade Irina Malinovskaya,

As Founding Chairman of the Communist Party of the Philippines, I wish to express to you and your entire family and to all comrades in the Russian Communist Workers Party (b)-KPSS, ROT FRONT my sincerest condolences over the passing away of your beloved mother Comrade Rosa, Yabrova Tamila Iosifovna (1929-2021).

Since the 1990s, I have had the honor of knowing her as a highly principled Marxist-Leninist, as an outstanding communist figher and as a proletarian internationalist. I have admired her for upholding the revolutionary history and socialist achievements of Lenin and Stalin, the Bolsheviks and the Soviet proletariat and people and for opposing the destruction of the Soviet Union, the restoration of capitalism and the reformist line of capitulation to the monopoly bourgeosie that has overthrown the socialist rule of the proletariat.

I give to her my Red salute for having contributed greatly to the continuing struggle of the Russian and Soviet proletariat to overthrow the monopoly bourgeoisie, reestablish socialism, achieve a new and higher level of all-round revolutionary achievement and the further advancement of the world proletarian revolution. She excelled as a communist leader, scientist and thinker and as founder, permanent editor-in-chief and author of “Marxism and Modernity”.

The ideas and deeds of Comrade Yabrova Tamila Iosifovna have taken effect in her party and in the revolutionary movement and will continue to enlighten and inspire the current and future generations of proletarian revolutionaries. We must cherish, preserve and propagate her legacy in order to further advance the revolutionary mass struggles for national liberation, democracy and socialism on a global scale.

Warmest comradely regards,

Jose Maria Sison
Founding Chairman
Communist Party of the Philippines

Message of condolences to Comrade Irina Malinovskaya