NDF-Negros on the extension of the state of calamity in the Philippines


President Rodrigo Duterte extended the period of the state of calamity due to the coronavirus until September 21, 2020 through Proclamation No. 1021.

Despite having one of the longest and strictest lockdowns in the world, Covid19 infections continues to rise. Up to now, the regime is absent a concise plan on how to deal with the pandemic. Six months in, the military mindset of Duterte has put the country in a cycle of endless quarantines, instead of heeding the demand of the people for mass testing and sustained relief efforts. Local government units and regional counterparts of the various departments are left by themselves while the regime has pocketed the funds and buried the nation in debt owed to foreign imperialist powers US and China, the brunt of which will have to be burdened by the people.

Even at a time of worldwide pandemic and economic crisis, the proposed 2021 budget shows how the Duterte government is prioritizing militarization, debt and infrastructure over health and other social services. The allocated budget for fascism and corruption is P1.568 trillion wherein 4.5 billion is for Duterte’s black budget and P19.1 billion is for the National Task Force to End Local Communist Armed Conflict (NTF-ELCAC).

Moreover, Duterte continues to wave his iron fist. On top of the almost 5,000 deaths by Covid19, Duterte keeps on unleashing terror against the people and silencing dissent. We will continue to cry for justice for Jory Porquia, Carlito Badion, Randall Enchanis, Zara Alvarez and other victims of state-sponsored killings.

What the Duterte government accomplished so far in this pandemic is to push for anti-people policies such as the Anti-Terror Act of 2020 and establish his dictatorial rule. The people must remain vigilant as Duterte is very likely to use the pandemic to cling to power and stay beyond his term.

It is clearly becoming obvious how the Duterte regime has abused the pandemic to push forth his treachery, plunder, tyranny, and fascism.

The most effective remedy to cure our country from this pandemic is to remove the Duterte virus out of Malacañang. It is only high time for the united people to use our collective power to oust the fascist US-Duterte regime.

NDF-Negros on the extension of the state of calamity in the Philippines