Hold the PH Coast Guard responsible NDFP-Rizal expresses its sympathies to the victims of the Binangonan tragedy

NDFP-Rizal expresses its deepest sympathies to the victims and families of the deceased from the capsized MBCA Princess Aya near Binangonan, Rizal yesterday, July 28. In the last count, up to 27 people have been found dead while others remain missing. NDFP-Rizal also expresses its sympathies to all victims of Typhoon Egay which has brought intense floods and a growing number of casualties to Rizaleños.

NDFP-Rizal also condemns the Philippine Coast Guard for their heedlessness in ensuring the passengers’ safety. Instead, they allowed the trip amidst the harsh and volatile weather. They also haphazardly let a large number of passengers on-board despite its 42-person limit, causing the boat to overload. Lastly, they did not see to it that all passengers had necessary life vests to prevent them from drowning in the gravest emergencies.

It is maddening to think that the victims who drowned in Binangonan were not included in the list of Typhoon Egay’s deceased casualties when it is clear that the accident happened while the typhoon is ravaging in the country. The people should hold the Philippine Coast Guard and the entire reactionary government accountable for their negligence of their duty to secure passengers at all times. The people should also hold Marcos Jr. accountable for the casualties of Typhoon Egay as he is irresponsible president of the reactionary gobvernment because once again, he jaunts in another country, particularly in Malaysia, in the midst of the typhoon.

We call on progressive, socio-civic groups, religious groups, and environmentalists, to extend necessary help to Rizaleño victims of the bitter tragedies of the recent typhoon.###

NDFP-Rizal expresses its sympathies to the victims of the Binangonan tragedy