Raise the demand for freedom of all political prisoners

The Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) extends its solidarity to all political prisoners, their families, friends and supporters in line with the International Day of Solidarity with Political Prisoners and Prisoners of War. The Filipino people, in particular, demand the release of all political prisoners who continue to languish in jail under the Marcos regime.

The number of political prisoners Philippines continues to rise. Over the past six month, at least 25 have been arrested, adding to the total of 828 political prisoners who are unjustly incarcerated in different parts of the country. According to reports of human rights organizations, 96 of them are sickly, 77 are elderly, and 164 are women. Most of them come from poor peasants and workers.

Through fabricated warrants of arrests and charges, scores of activists and peasant masses are thrown in jail in line with the regime’s intensified crackdown against political dissent with the National Task Force-Elcac at the helm. It aims to silence all forces opposed to corruption, puppetry, brutality and oppression perpetrated by the Marcos regime.

Political prisoners are made to suffer long years of detention by invariably using planted evidence and charging them with common crimes. Many are charged with illegal possession of explosives to deny them bail. In prisons, they suffer from oppressive conditions in overpopulated detention facilities.

We salute all political prisoners in the country who remain steadfast and work to advance the democratic and patriotic aspirations of the people.

The Party calls on all democratic forces to forge broader unity in demanding the release of all political prisoners especially the sick and elderly. They must help strengthen the resolve and determination of political prisoners. The Filipino people must firmly demand: Release all political prisoners!

Raise the demand for freedom of all political prisoners