Response to Ms. Naag's January 16 Article Bicolanos mourn Rep. Rodel Batocabe

The NDF Information Office Bicol would like to provide the public with clarifications with regard to an article by Ms. Melanie Naag, a public school teacher from Daraga, Albay, published by the Manila Times last January 16.

First of all, the CPP-NPA-NDF Bicol, once again, categorically denies any hand in the assassination of Rep. Batocabe. It maintains its position that this was a move planned by top-rank officials from the AFP-PNP, CIA agents and Duterte himself as they grow increasingly desperate to impose a nationwide martial law and further US-Duterte’s neoliberal and fascist rule.

Regarding the issue of alleged extortion, NDF-Bicol reiterates that state-concocted claims that the NPA requires electoral candidates to pay for so-called “permit-to-win” is nothing more than a desperate move to tarnish the revolutionary movement’s prestige. and is sheer hypocrisy when it is the AFP-PNP and paramilitary forces who will serve as Duterte’s principal instruments in manipulating the midterm elections.

The revolutionary forces maintain its fundamental criticism of the rotteness of the reactionary elections as it mires the masses in a cycle of reformism and baits them with false hopes. On the other hand, the movement respects the people’s exercise of suffrage. Thus, candidates who wish to campaign within revolutionary areas are required to follow policies promulgated by the revolutionary authorities to ensure peace and order, avoid dirty electoral practices such as vote-buying and smear campaigns and uphold the interests of the masses in the area. Permits to campaign are issued on the agreement to uphold above policies with negotiated reasonable access fees and material items for production and other social welfare benefits for the masses.

NDF-Bicol encourages Ms. Naag to study and analyze the present conditions and problems that ail the country. As a teacher, she must be made aware of the issues that threaten the security and the lives of her fellow educators. At present, the US-Duterte regime unleashed an anticommunist witch-hunt against teachers, students, lawyers, journalists, human rights advocates, religious and other sectors whom they consider as “legitimate” targets of their all-out war.

The revolutionary movement in Bicol calls on Ms. Naag and all concerned Daraguenos to expose the true masterminds and real murderers behind Rep. Batocabe’s slay case. Stand firm for the interests of the people and fight all reactionary efforts to undermine the ever-growing mass movement. Ms. Naag and all her fellow Daraguenos must unite to fight this regime’s fascist and terrorist attacks against the people.

Response to Ms. Naag's January 16 Article Bicolanos mourn Rep. Rodel Batocabe