The highest revolutionary salute to the Great Proletariat, teacher, poet, Comrade Jose Maria Sison!

It is with utmost sadness that the news of the passing of the founding chairman of the re-established Communist Party of the Philippines, Jose Maria Sison, or as he is widely called, “Ka Joma”—has come to us. Joma has passed away last December 16, 2022 at 8:40 pm due to pressing ailments and old age. Up until his last breath, Ka Joma has only shown revolutionary determination, strength, and fervor–always responding to the needs of the revolution and its eventual victory.

We applaud his dedication to the life of revolutionary struggle–from his early days at the Ateneo, Letran, and UP Diliman until his exile at the Netherlands. Together with other revolutionary youth, Ka Joma led the First Quarter Storm of the 1970s–which led to one of the most significant and gargantuan mass movements of the decade. He also initiated the study circles in the University of the Philippines–Diliman and eventually established SCAUP and Kabataang Makabayan, which significantly helped pave the way to the re-establishment of the Communist Party of the Philippines. As a cadre of the first-established CPP-1930, Ka Joma decisively struggled against the destructive revisionist ideals of the then CPP cadres. He then reconfigured the studies of the Philippine Society and Revolution and brought back to life the Party into action. We honor this, most especially in the celebration of our 54th year being the longest-running revolution in the world.

Ka Joma has not once faltered for the continuation of our revolutionary path. As the leading organization for the revolutionary Filipino youth of today, particularly in Bicol-Rinconada, we take inspiration from the example of Ka Joma, who spent his youth not making an individual career in the private, bourgeois academe–nor in the high-paying offices of neoliberal institutions–but in the streets and in the countryside, learning from the masses, and genuinely serving the people. Despite the comforts he could have chosen, coming from the family of well-off landlords, Ka Joma decisively fought alongside the struggle of the masses, most especially that of the workers and the peasants and their call for Agrarian Reform.

As the whole revolutionary movement grieves and deep sorrow ensues, we continue to give the highest tribute and show our ever-blazing pride for the life and legacy of Ka Joma. Our great teacher might have passed on but the determination to forward the revolution only persists!

Much like the great poet, the death of Ka Joma shall only serve as seeds, planted in the rich history of the society and the revolution of the peoples–only to further bloom and for more revolutionaries to sprout and scatter–until we reach our eventual victory. We are not weakened, nor are we disheartened! His passing is only a firmer, and stronger commitment from the revolutionary youth to forward the people’s war for the liberation of all the oppressed and downtrodden classes! His life and legacy shall only inspire and ignite the fires of more of the youth to serve the revolution as well.

As we inherit the harshness of this Semi-Colonial and Semi-Feudal society, we also inherit the legacy and teachings of such proletariat, Comrade Jose Maria Sison to forward on, struggle, and win!

Long Live CPP-NPA-NDF! Long Live the Filipino masses!

The highest revolutionary salute to the Great Proletariat, teacher, poet, Comrade Jose Maria Sison!