The Unrelenting Violation of Human Rights by the Fascist US-Duterte Regime will Intensify the Further Advance of Armed Revolution

The National Democratic Front-North Eastern Mindanao Region (NDFP-NEMR), joins the people and the defenders of human rights in commemorating the 70th year of the International Human Rights Day this December 10, 2018.

We extend our warmest salute for your constant struggle to uphold the sacredness of human rights against oppression and exploitation.

The Philippine government was one of the signatories of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights in 1948 which instituted the value of the rights of all peoples. But the Philippine government has become the number one violator of human rights in all aspects. The US-Duterte regime has even surpassed its predecessor regimes in perpetrating grave human rights violations against the people, committing Hitler-like brutality to realize his ambition for dictatorial rule.

Through the US-Duterte regime’s mercenary and reactionary AFP/PNP, a brutal campaign of repression is implemented against the struggles of the people who resist his devastating programs and policies. Oplan Tokhang, Oplan Tambay, martial law, total war under Oplan Kapayapaan and many more authorized the countless killings, torture, arrests, threats and repression of the people. These are actions of a fascist and terrorist state.

In NEMR since 2016 to the present, more than 20 have become victims of extra judicial killings and more than 10 frustrated killings were committed by the AFP/PNP. Moreover, almost 300 victims have been charged with trumped-up criminal cases, while more than 50 have been jailed as political prisoners. These are all part of the US-Duterte regime’s attempts to destroy the people’s legitimate and progressive organizations that persist and fight his repressive moves.

The sustained military operations in areas targeted for imperialist plantations, mines and infrastructure has resulted to massive evacuations affecting thousands of Lumad and peasant families. Meanwhile, there have been several cases of bombings by AFP troops in areas near communities and farms.

Here in our region, almost 200,000 hectares of land are targeted for banana, oil palm, rubber and others. While almost 600,000 hectares of land have been given to operating mines and to others ready to operate. Most of these are owned by foreign capitalists in connivance with the big comprador bourgeoisie and land lords, driving away countless farmers and Lumad from their homes and livelihoods. At present, these plantations and mines are being protected by 8 battalions of AFP and PNP; 5,000- 6,000 members of SCAA and CAA and 10 paramilitary groups.

In the reactionary government’s desperation to destroy the revolutionary movement, it has invented countless forced surrenders of civilians as NPA members and Milisya ng Bayan and coercing them to join the CAFGU. The AFP/PNP force the establishment of CAA detachments in communities. Barangay and municipal officials are threatened to craft resolutions to show that residents allow the establishment of detachment. Oplan Lakbay Hukay is another scenario peddled recently by the AFP/PNP, the digging up of skeletons to use for propaganda and to tarnish the NPA’s prestige.

Another significant case against the US-Duterte regime is its sell-out of the Philippines to China and the US. Duterte has not made a move against China’s occupation of the islands of the West Philippine Sea within Philippine territory. This violates the national sovereignty of the Philippines. This signifies his servility to foreign capitalists whose sole interest is the plunder our natural resources.

Martial law and the violation of human rights are the instruments of a fascist, puppet and reactionary regime to preserve the oppressive and exploitative system. It will result in serious economic and political crises which will lead to widespread poverty and hunger of the Filipino people. It will intensify the further advance of armed revolution.

Thus, the people are called upon to bravely struggle, uphold your rights and just demands and join the people’s war to achieve total victory of the People’s Democratic Revolution. Persist in demanding for the resumption of peace talks to solve the root causes of armed struggle in the country.

The Unrelenting Violation of Human Rights by the Fascist US-Duterte Regime will Intensify the Further Advance of Armed Revolution