Their deaths make us more resolute to attain further victories -- NDF-NEMR

Let us transform their deaths into more courage, to achieve further victories. Let us learn lessons from their passing.

Translation/s: Bisaya

In their desire to annihilate the revolutionaries in NorthEastern Mindanao Region (NEMR), the mercenary US-Duterte regime/AFP/PNP spent about 25.5 million pesos of military equipment in a single day, that killed five (5) revolutionaries. This was done in the midst of insufficiency/lack of funds for victims of COVID 19 in the country. After squandering millions of pesos in military operations,  the regime immediately spread massive lies proclaiming the annihilation of the leadership of the Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) and New People’s Army (NPA) in NEMR. Army officials rejoiced and several were promoted based on their so-called massive victories against the revolutionary forces in NEMR.

According to reports, at around 4 o’clock early morning last May 14, 2020 the tranquility of the temporary guerilla camp in the mountain areas of Sitio Hayon, Libas Sud, San Miguel, Surigao del Sur, was broken by the rumbling sound of a FA-50 bomber aircraft closely followed by two (2) very loud explosions of 230 kilo bombs dropped.  Immediately after another two (2) big explosions happened, followed by the firing of a “Gatling Gun” from a FA-50  jet fighter (aircraft). This scenario ended at around 4:30 in the morning. Aerial drone monitoring then started.

It was during this time that the Comrades knew that four (4) lives were lost, one was still able to utter a message for his/her father.  The Comrades carried another Red fighter who lost his precious life as they withdrew (from the area). Five (5) revolutionaries lost their lives in that bombing which used the FA-50 jet fighter (aircraft).

Ka Momay, whose voice resonates during study sessions, is gone. Ka Momoy, who never fails to catch wild pigs, is gone. Ka Yangyang, who despite her being a newcomer persisted to master her tasks, is gone. Ka Gohan the  “rapper” of squad uno, is gone. Ka Tisyo, the constantly motivated Comrade, is also gone. The lives they offered to the struggle, makes me and the rest of the Comrades, more resolute to continue to carry out the tasks to serve the people by waging revolution.

In April 20, 2020, Ka Banjo, member of an NPA unit in Agusan del Norte lost his life in a gun battle against the 29th IB PA in the mountain area of Jaliobong, Kitcharao, Agusan del Norte.

In May 12, 2020, Ka Blue, a member of a unit of the NPA-Surigao del Sur,  also lost his life in an ambush by the 36th IB PA forces during a military operation in Brgy. Cabangahan, Cantilan, Surigao del Sur.

In May 18, 2020, Ka Jorge and Ka Gil, members of another unit of the NPA-Surigao del Sur, also lost their lives in a 45 minute gun battle against the 36th IB PA forces in the mountains of Kiskis, Brgy. Siagao, San Miguel, Surigao del Sur.

Let us transform their deaths into more courage, to achieve further victories. Let us learn lessons from their passing.

In the May 14 bombing, the bodies of Comrades who were killed by the 230 kilos or 500 pound bombs were heavily mutilated. The bombing of the FA-50 jet fighter (aircraft) was not publicized by the AFP, they simply said that it was an encounter. But they spent millions of the people’s money.

The following is the estimated cost of the single day attack of the AFP/PNP. They used four (4) Huey helicopters to deploy AFP forces near the camp which was bombed, and flew three times:

  • 8 bombs from the FA-50,  deployed twice: 19,200,000 at 2, 400,000 per bomb
  • Cost for every FA-50 flight: 940,000 at 470,000 per flight
  • 6 canon projectiles: 300,000 (estimate)
  • 2 flights of 2 Agusta (helicopter): 448,200  at 112,050 per flight
  • 2 flights of 2  MG-520 (helicopter): 448,200 at 112,050 per flight
  • 3 flights  of 4 Huey helicopters: 1,344,600 at 112,050 per flight
  • 24 rockets  of the Agusta and MG-520: 1,869,864 at 77,911 per rocket
  • Ammunition of the Gatling Gun Cal.50: 1,000,000 amount for the bullets fired on that day

TOTAL: 25,550,864 MILLION PESOS spent on that single day attack

The military operation launched in the mountain areas of the five (5) municipalities of Surigao del Sur and Agusan del Sur lasted for 20 days. It is estimated that around 600 AFP and PNP troops were deployed by the 401st Brigade and the EastMinCom. Around not less than another 19.8  million pesos was used for salaries, food and hazard pay for the 600 soldiers for the 20 day military operations at 1,650 pesos spent for each soldier per day.

The AFP amplified the spreading of lies across the country that the NPA forces planned to seize and disrupt the distribution of assistance of the AFP/PNP to the victims of COVID 19 prompting them to launch military operations.

The 25.5 million pesos spent in a single day for the use of military equipment could have been utilized to help the people of Caraga who are unable to make a living because of COVID 19.  An estimated 5,100 ka families could have been given 5,000 pesos assistance if such amount was allocated to them. But the 25.5 million pesos was used to kill five (5) revolutionary Comrades. These Comrades met recently with farmers in the area to discuss measures to prevent the transmission of COVID 19 and improve their farms.

The AFP/PNP continue to launch their military operations in a large portion of the mountain areas of the four (4) provinces of NEMR.  Instead of acceding  to the calls of the United Nations (UN) to silence the guns to face COVID 19, the US-Duterte regime prioritizes spending for military attacks against revolutionaries.

Stop massive spending for military operations!
Help the victims of COVID 19!
Provide assistance to those who lost jobs because of COVID 19!

Their deaths make us more resolute to attain further victories -- NDF-NEMR