Open Letter To all the families of victims of state violence and the entire Bikolano masses

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We feel the pain you are in right now. The cowardly military and police brutality and savagery also enrage us. They are the true terrorists who know nothing but to attack and kill those who are in no position to defend themselves. It pains us that our mothers, fathers, children, siblings and friends—our most beloved ones are treated worse than animals. For the military, police and this fascist state their lives have no worth and they are far more valuable dead. These butchers equate every dead body of our loved ones to just another profit and mark to beef up their achievement reports. What good are free coffins and a few plastic bags of groceries if it costs our very own lives? We know that no words can describe the suffering and agony you are feeling right now.

But if there is a single thing that the entire New People’s Army in Bikol can promise you, it is that the Red army will never stop until we have not achieved genuine justice for all the victims of this fascist state. The whole revolutionary movement will not stop until they have been made to pay highly for all their blood debts. Them who divested us of our liberties and rights, who deprived us of our right to live and pushes us to drown in the quagmire of poverty, starvation and violence. Whatever sacrifice and obstacle that the revolutionary movement must face in this journey will never douse the blazing desire and oath of every revolutionary to continue the struggle until complete victory. For over five decades, we are with you in this fight. Rest assured that for all the years ahead, we will still be with you until the end. We will never forget. We will never be defeated.

The time for the final battle and settling of scores will arrive. For they have already taken from us everything that we hold dear – our lives, livelihood, dignities, liberties, rights, dreams and future, we are left with nothing but the desire to get them all back. As the tears and fear dry, only courage will remain. If we have no other option than to die as slaves or die from their bullets, then we instead choose to live and to wage the revolution. We are not bound to be oppressed and exploited all the time. By choosing the revolution, we are choosing to break free from the chains that they tethered us to for so long. The revolutionary movement’s doors are always open for you and the vast numbers of the people that this state kills of hunger and violence. We wait for you.

Advance the people’s war, justice for all the victims of state violence!
Take up arms, defend our own and the entire nation’s lives and livelihood!

To all the families of victims of state violence and the entire Bikolano masses