Make big strides, attain great victories

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Imbued with revolutionary spirit, the Communist Party of the Philippines is fully resolved to stride and make big achievements in the new year 2023. The party is determined to further consolidate and gain strength and firmly lead the comprehensive advance of the people’s democratic revolution across the country.

The new year does not bring any hope of a comfortable or better life for the Filipino masses under the US-Marcos fascist and puppet regime. They are, thus, determined to take the revolutionary path on which alone gives them hope of changing the course of their destiny.

The crisis of the semicolonial and semifeudal system in the country is ever worsening. While majority of the people wallow in poverty and hunger, the few ruling classes of bourgeois comprador and landlords and their bureaucrat capitalist agents indulge in wealth. Millions of workers and peasants are grossly oppressed and suppressed by imperialism, feudalism and bureaucrat capitalism.

Every day, the people are confronted by the faces of these three monsters: skyrocketing prices of goods and services, low wages, unemployment, landlessness, onerous land rent, and rising costs of fertilizer and pesticides. Hundreds of thousands are evacuated to pave the way for mines and plantations.

Public funds are being stolen by a few. They favor cronies and criminal syndicates. Money is wasted on grandiose but irrelevant projects and on excessive spending for the parasitic military and police, leaving even less funds for deteriorating social services. People are burdened by a gargantuan government debt. Tax exemptions are extended to wealthy foreign capitalists, but not to the downtrodden masses.

Neoliberal laws and policies are implemented to favor foreign big capitalists and financial oligarchs, and their big bourgeois compradors and landlord partners. There is full-swing import liberalization of rice, sugar and other foreign products. Big compradors and smugglers are in full control of supplies and pocket large amounts of profits from overpricing.

China is brazenly seizing Philippine maritime territory and resources, while the US is dotting the country with military bases. The US stokes the civil war in the country to turn the AFP to a market for their weapons. Fascist soldiers pester the villages and unleash brutal state terrorism. Leaders and members of unions and mass organization are harassed, intimidated, arrested, imprisoned, tortured and killed. The attacks against the people are relentless.

All laws and policies that oppress and kill the people are now in the hands of the Marcos regime. Marcos is the epitome of all the evil of ruling classes: greed, indifference to the people’s sufferings, subservience to foreign powers, and oppressive against those who stand up for their rights.

While workers and peasant families could barely serve food on their tables, the Marcoses are busy preparing banquets in newly constructed villas inside Malacañang, or pondering which country they will travel to next using the people’s money. Marcos is rushing the Maharlika Investment Fund to put into his hands hundreds of billions of public funds for him to plunder and favor his cronies. Charter change (cha-cha) efforts are now being railroaded to allow government officials to remain in power for 10 years. Meanwhile, Marcos is playing deaf to the clamor for wage increases, lower prices and other people’s grievances.

The people aspire for a significant change in their lives. Thus, the Filipino people, especially the oppressed and exploited masses, look towards the leadership of the Party and its torch that illuminates the revolutionary path towards a bright tomorrow.

The Party firmly believes it can achieve its goal of consolidating its ranks and leading the comprehensive advance of the revolution. Its leading cadres at all levels are determined to give everything to bring the Party’s strength, and the energy of the revolutionary movement to unprecedented levels.

The Party should strengthen itself ideologically, politically and organizationally. Further raise the Party cadres and members’ knowledge and grasp of Marxism-Leninism-Maoism, its application to the Philippine revolution and to their daily undertaking. A movement to review the basic principles laid by the Party must be carried out. Carry out a widespread study of the writings of our great comrade Jose Ma. Sison to serve as a guide to assess and sum-up our work. Identify our strengths and weaknesses, and lay out a plan for rapid advance. Strengthen democracy and unified action under the leadership of the Central Committee.

Grasp more firmly the theory and practice of mass line. In the city and countryside, the oppressed and exploited masses are eager to unite under the Party’s flag. They are ready to rise up and march as one. Turn the factories, campuses, communities, offices, hospitals and other places into centers of mass struggles. Establish the broadest unity against the anti-people, puppet and fascist Marcos regime. Let the din of the people’s march shake the foundation of the rule of exploitative and oppressive classes.

This year, let us carry out a vibrant and colorful celebration of the 50th anniversary of the establishment of the National Democratic Front (NDF) to promote its achievement in uniting the Filipino people and advancing the struggle for national freedom and democracy.

Marcos, Duterte and all the terrible fascists tremble with fear in the face of masses’ resistance. Together with the New People’s Army, they will bring the people’s war to unparalleled heights.

Let us honor our great heroes. They are models of selfless service to the people, the Party and the revolution. They were like giant trees that provided shade and comfort to the forest. Where they used to stand, the sun’s rays now penetrate, giving warmth to thousands of new trees nurtured by their legacy. The forest of the revolution is filled with life and vigor.

Make big strides, attain great victories