Advance the militant economic and political mass struggles

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The suffering of the Filipino people under the US-Marcos regime continues to worsen, following the sharp deterioration of their lives in the past years. This is due to further unrestrained oppression and exploitation of the Philippines by profit-driven foreign monopoly capitalist companies and banks, and power-hungry imperialist governments and military forces.

US imperialism continues to erode the veneer of Philippine economic and political independence. In connivance with the local ruling bourgeoisie compradors and big landlords, and the bureaucrat-capitalist and fascist state of the ruling Marcos clique, it is taking all the wealth and advantage it can squeeze from the country.

Recent decades have taught us how the repeated promises that pro-imperialist neoliberal policies of liberalization, deregulation and privatization will bring “development” are all hollow. These have brought nothing to the Filipino masses but widespread unemployment, low wages, land grabbing, plunder of the country’s wealth and environmental destruction.

We have also clearly seen that American soldiers who frequently dock and set up headquarters inside the camps of the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) do so not to defend the interests of Filipinos or the Philippines. Rather, these foreign troops promote the US’s own economic interests in the Philippines and geopolitical interests in the Asia-Pacific region. US “military advisers” to the fascist and anti-peace counterinsurgency serve as arms dealers. The US now uses the Philippines as a large military base to increasingly provoke war against its imperialist rival China.

Philippine independence will continue to be eroded, US imperialist power will further dominate, the country will be dragged into imperialist wars, the crisis of the ruling system will worsen, the suffering and hardships of the people will aggravate, the US-Marcos regime’s fascist crimes will intensify until the Filipino people, their united front of democratic and patriotic forces, and the revolutionary armed forces are able to change the conditions and direction of the country.

Intensifying imperialist oppression and exploitation and the people’s widespread suffering generate favorable conditions to arouse and mobilize the people in great numbers. It is now urgent for the Party to unite the Filipino people and lead them to march along the path of militant mass struggles.

The masses of the people needs to earnestly and militantly resist the US-Marcos regime’s measures that go against their national and democratic interests, and promote their immediate demands and long-term calls for national democracy.

The organized ranks of workers, peasants, youth and various progressive and democratic sectors must be consolidated and expanded to bring together [gather] the people’s determination and strength. Unions and other forms of organizations should be built in the biggest number of factories, communities, schools and other areas. Raise the people’s political consciousness and strengthen their determination to defend their interests.

Build the broadest united front against state terrorism and bureaucrat capitalism to expose, isolate, criticize and oppose the puppet, fascist, inept and oppressive Marcos regime. Exert all-out effort to expose and oppose the martial law-type repression and oppression of civil and political rights, especially in the countryside, behind the veil of the military and police’s counterinsurgency war, that has no other purpose but to paralyze and suppress the democratic mass struggles.

Build formal and informal alliances against “chacha” and the Maharlika Investment Fund, and other schemes of the ruling Marcos-Duterte ruling clique to monopolize power and plunder the people’s money. Push for the call to continue the investigation, trial and punishment of Duterte and his cohorts for their crimes against humanity during their brutal counterinsurgency war and sham “drug war.” Broad unity must also be built to demand the Marcoses to return their stolen wealth and be punished for their crimes against the people.

Strengthen the militant economic mass struggles for urgent wage increases for workers, employees and farm workers, lower prices of oil and other commodities, as well as land rent and loan interest, higher fair farmgate prices, bigger funding for free health and educational services, an end to land grabbing, a stop to plunderous operations that destroy the environment and which cause widespread flooding and economic destruction.

The people should manifest their outrage through militant protest actions in the streets and plazas. The people’s economic struggles should sharply expose, link and resist the neoliberal policies dictates of foreign imperialists.

Strengthen the patriotic movement to combat US military intervention in the Philippines, and counter the US strategy to draw the country into its war provocations against China. Expose the role of the US military and capitalist companies in the push to increase the counterinsurgency budget for buying surplus US weapons. Expose the monopoly capitalist system and crisis behind increasing rivalries and threats of war among powerful imperialist nations.

Party cadres and activists should take action to reach the broad masses, and unite them under the call to salvage the Philippines and the Filipino people from crisis by attaining genuine liberation of the country from the reign of foreign imperialist powers and the treacherous ruling classes. Use all means to arouse and mobilize the people including producing leaflets, newspapers, books, pamphlets, poems, plays and other creative works.

A few drops in the ocean are not enough. A widespread propaganda and political movement among the masses must be generated as a strong wave that will change the country’s course and bring the revolution to a new stage of growth.

Advance the militant economic and political mass struggles