NPA-Quezon seizes 5 M16s

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The New People’s Army (NPA)-Quezon (Apolonio Mendoza Command) seized five M16 rifles, ammunition and other military equipment from the ambush mounted against troops of the 85th IB and a CAFGU unit at Sitio Pag-asa, Barangay Mapulot, Tagkawayan, Quezon last September 1. Five soldiers were killed while four were confirmed wounded.

The soldiers were set to conduct patrols around their camp when Red fighters ambushed them. The ambush happened 500 meters away from their detachment.

The NPA-Quezon reported that fighters used a command-detonated explosive (CDX) which they aimed and exploded against the soldiers. This runs contrary to claims by soldiers and police that the bomb exploded when operating troops of the 85th IB “stepped” on it.

NPA-Quezon spokesperson Ka Cleo del Mundo said the armed action “enforces justice for all victims of the 85th IB.” She added the offensive is “for our beloved masses who suffered torture, harassment and killings by fascist soldiers under the US-Duterte regime and which continue to be perpetrated under the current US-Marcos II regime.”

There are approximately 20,000 victims of human rights violations during the AFP’s focused military operations in the communities of Quezon since the Duterte regime.

NPA-Quezon seizes 5 M16s