International supporters mount solidarity action for Philippine revolution

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Protests and activities were held in Europe, Canada and the US on August 26 in support of the Philippine struggle for national liberation. The Global Day of Action was led by the Friends of the Filipino People in Struggle (FFPS), an international group supporting the Philippine national-democratic movement.

Activities were held in Utrecht, The Netherlands, Vancouver and Toronto in Canada, seven cities in Germany including Memmingen, Leipzig, Regensburg, Rostock and Ulm, Basel in Switzerland, Madrid and Valencia in Spain, and Oregon and Washington in the US.

In the Netherlands activity, the Revolutionaire Eenheid, one of the local FFPS member organizations, defended the Philippine revolutionary movement from “terrorist” labeling by the Philippine reactionary state and the US. According to them, it is not terrorism for Filipino people to fight against national oppression and foreign imperialist domination.

FFPS emphasized the urgent need for struggling peoples worldwide to support the Philippine revolution in all its forms, especially the armed struggle.

Other groups staged lightning rallies, fora, leaflet distribution and information campaign, hanging streamers, poster campaign, and gatherings to promote the Philippine national liberation movement.

The August 26 FFPS action coincided with the commemoration of the Sigaw ng Pugad Lawin, which signaled the start of the Philippine Revolution against Spanish occupation in 1896.

International supporters mount solidarity action for Philippine revolution