Calls to probe 2022 election anomalies mount

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Patriotic congressmen filed a resolution on August 31 to compel Congress to investigate the anomalies during the 2022 elections to shed light how widespread cheating was carried out to bring the Marcos-Duterte tandem to power. These anomalies belie declarations by the Commission on Elections (Comelec) that no cheating occurred in the last election.

At the center of this anomaly are the election returns (ER) which were dumped into the Comelec’s transparency servers between 7 and 8 p.m. of May 9, 2022. Within this hour, votes of the Marcos-Duterte tandem soared ensuring their victory. This irregularity was first questioned by the group led by former Department of Information and Communication Technology (DIST) secretary Elisio Rio.

Nearly a year after the election, it was discovered that the said ERs all came from a single internet protocol (IP) address According to Rio’s group, 98.8% of the votes from Metro Manila, 95.5% from Cavite, 81% from Batangas and several other provices were transmitted through this IP address. These votes came from 20,300 vote-counting machines (VCM). This information was drawn from the raw data released last February by the Comelec.

According to Rio, it is impossible and illegal for a very large number of VCMs to have a single IP address. According to Smartmatic’s outlined process, each VCM should have an exclusive IP address. Neither was it agreed that the ERs will pass through a single machine before being received by the COMELEC’s transparency server.

Rio’s group is convinced that the ERs came from a secret machine which had the IP address of This machine is control by COMELEC in collusion with Smartmatic and was most likely within the proximity of the transparency server, said Rio.

Another anomaly observed by Rio’s group is that the timestamp in some ERs show they were received before they were printed by the precinct VCMs.

Calls to probe 2022 election anomalies mount