Sara Duterte's excesses and anomalies denounced

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A plethora of issues of excesses and anomalies were uncovered in a Commission on Audit (COA) report questioning irregular 2022 transactions of Sara Duterte’s office.

Foremost among these is her spending of ₱125 million confidential funds for which there was no item in the 2022 budget. It was discovered that this fund was consumed only within 19 days.

In the Congress deliberations for the 2024 national budget, patriotic congressmen requested the COA to scrutinize this and to ask Duterte for details where the funds came from and how they were spent. The unauthorized and clearly illegal transfer of funds to the vice president’s office was also censured in the Senate.

The same report also revealed Duterte’s hiring of a battalion-sized or 433-strong security personnel. This comprises 63% of her staff. She also spent ₱688,000 in her haste to transform offices and buildings which served as her campaign headquarters into vice president “satellite offices”.

Sara Duterte's excesses and anomalies denounced