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CBA in Paperland. The union in Paperland, Inc., a paper factory in Quezon City, secured an acceptable CBA on August 31. The agreement contained such workers’ demands as wage increases, paid leave, union leave, hospitalization assistance, burial assistance, signing bonus and Labor Day assistance. The CBA was won by workers through collective action like ribbon-wearing and mounting picket protests.

Mandaue workers picket. Workers picketed in front of Cebu Easy General Services Corporation, a manpower agency, in Mandaue City on August 22 to demand their right to work. They were arbitrarily laid off from Liwayway Marketing Corporation (LMC), manufacturer of Oishi Snack Products, due to its transfer of operations to Liloan, Cebu.

Funds for rights, not atrocities. Workers groups staged a picket at the Senate on August 24 during the hearing of the 2024 budget to demand the state to allocate funds for wage increase, jobs and rights of Filipino people. They also called for a reduction of the bloated budget of police, military, NTF-Elcac, and confidential funds of Marcos and Duterte.

Protests against APEC meetings in US. The meeting of the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) in Seattle, US was disrupted with protests on August 20, as a forum was being held regarding the condition of women and the global economy. On August 16, another protest action was mounted by Bayan chapters in the US and Pacific Northwest People Over Profit Coalition, while APEC Energy Ministers held their meeting in the same city.

Dumping of Japan nuclear waste, denounced. Fisherfolk and environmental defenders protested in front of the Japanese embassy on August 16 to denounce the Japan government over its dumping into the Pacific Ocean of over a million tons of contaminated water used to cool the Fukushima nuclear plant.