Protests for Palestine burst worldwide

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Hundreds of thousands of people in different countries flooded streets to support the Palestinian people’s struggle for genuine freedom and against Israel’s genocidal war. Protests spread across 40 countries and various cities within these countries.

Rallyists repudiated the systematic disinformation which Israel, the US and genocide -supporting countries promote in the giant the imperialist mass media machinery as well as in social media. They say that what is taking place in Gaza is not a “war” nor an “Israel-Hamas conflict,” but brazen genocide.

In the Philippines, thousands of Moro people protested in Marawi City and South Cotabato. They stood in solidarity with the Palestinian people. Some Moro leaders condemned Ferdinand Marcos Jr’s support for Israel when it killed thousands of Palestinians. National-democratic organizations also launched solidarity protests in Quezon City.

On October 13, protests were launched in Jordan, Lebanon, Syria, Iran, Iraq, Pakistan and Egypt for the so-called “Friday of Al-Aqsa Flood.” Al Aqsa is considered sacred not only by the Palestinian people but also by people in other Arab countries and Islam faithfuls.

In the US and Canada, protests broke out in the major cities, including New York where Jews and Nazi genocide survivors joined. On October 19, rallyists entered the US Congress building calling for an end to the genocide and for a ceasefire. The protest coincided with US president Joseph Biden’s visit to Israel to showcase his regime’s all-out support to Benjamin Netanyahu, leader of the Zionist regime.

In the United Kingdom and Australia, thousands joined vigils and protests in major cities. In France, 150,000 participated in the so-called “Day of Rage” despite government suppression. Similar actions were held in the UK, Germany, The Netherlands, Italy, Spain, Greece, Switzerland, Ireland, Iceland and Norway.

In Malaysia, 1,000 rallied and burned two effigies bearing Israel’s flag. There were also protests in Indonesia, Bangladesh, Japan and Sri Lanka.

In South America, people in Mexico, Brazil, Uruguay and Venezuela expressed solidarity. Meanwhile, Colombia expelled the Israeli ambassador to their country. According to its president, Gustavo Petro, Israel’s attack on Gaza is like the Nazi’s genocide of the Jews.

Protests for Palestine burst worldwide