Youth in people’s militia

This article is available in Pilipino

In a village in Southern Tagalog, two Kabataang Makabayan (KM) members now serving the people’s militia make great contributions. They assist in ensuring the security of the residents and the New People’s Army (NPA) unit when it encamps temporarily near their community.

Ka Maki, 23, and Ka Aja, 21, are enthusiastic, resourceful and brave in performing the work of the people’s militia. The two are farm workers who work on a daily basis in the coconut and rice fields. They occasionally go out to town to work in construction or as guards in piggeries, poultry or duck farms.

In one series of operations by soldiers, they served the NPA as eyes and reporters. They regularly patrol mountains to gather information. They also deliver food support from mass organization and Party branches to the NPA.

One time, Ka Maki boldly went to a farmer’s house which the military passed by earlier. He calmed the terrified farmers down and gathered details from them about the soldiers and as to which direction they were heading. He immediately reported these to the NPA unit.

Ka Aja, meanwhile, regularly does reconnaisance. He assists in erasing traces of Red warriors footprints and encampment. He also joins the unit from time to time for trainings and studies, and helps Red fighters move to neighboring villages. He became more active after being given medical attention by comrades.

Youth in people's militia