NPA-Southern Tagalog launches 2 military trainings

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Two units of Red fighters of the New People’s Army (NPA) completed consecutive military trainings in November in Southern Tagalog guerrilla fronts. The exercises were conducted amid focused military operations by military and police forces in guerrilla fronts across the region.

The training lasted 7-10 days. Primary and secondary NPA officers, fighters, as well as people’s militia forces attended.

According to Ka Guillen, political officer of one unit, “Our training was a success despite intense operations of the enemy. We have raised the capacity and determination of the Red fighters to fight and defeat the arrogant enemy.”

The training covers the study of basic tactics and techniques in hand-to-hand combat, familiarization with their weapons to actual firing of guns. Secondary and primary command officers were trained.

Led by officers, organized movement was ensured through maneuvers in both offensive and defensive combat scenarios. Increasing the level of strength and resistance of each fighter was also achieved through daily exercises.

The training further strengthened the support and cooperation between each member of the NPA unit. Ka Guillen concluded, “We are sure that our unity will be further strengthened as we coordinately move forward in our struggle.”

NPA-Southern Tagalog launches 2 military trainings