2 civilians, with 1 minor, illegally detained by 94th IB

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In just one week, additional two cases of human rights violations were perpetrated by 94th IBPA against civilians in Himamaylan City.

In the morning of November 11, Tata Balasabas, 36 years old, married of Sitio Pisok, Bray. Buenavista was arrested, investigated and assaulted while resting in his residence. His frightened wife, still recuperating from giving birth, ran to Sitio Cantupa to seek some help. Arrested Balasabas was brought to a forest and was detained for a couple of hours by the military troops.

Afternoon of November 14, a number of 94th IB members assigned to Mahalang Charlie Coy Detachment apprehended a 14-year-old girl, Jelca Ariola, in Sitio Suba-Suay, Bray. Mahalang. Jelca was on her way home from school when military men approached her and brought to the detachment. The young girl was investigated on the location of her family, whom the military alleged them to be members of NPA; and further threatened to be arrested should she denies. She was detained for several hours before she was allowed to go home. Ariola family was infuriated with what happened to her. According to them, the incident added to the emotional stress as their grandfather just died.

To cover up their violations, they presented another batch of supposed 24 surrenderees on November 14 in Himamaylan City, led by the lie-fabricating commander LtC. Van Donald Almonte of 94th IB. This can be an additional source of corruption funds under E- Clip program. It can be recalled that in more than a month, they presented supposed 27 surrenderees last September 27.

It seems like unlimited number of surrenderees are presented here in Himamaylan City. Apart from fake surrenderees being AFP’s milking cows using E-Clip, AFP’s barkers want to project that insurgency is weakening in central Negros. The hard truth is that the people in the mountainous portion, not only of Himamaylan City, but also Binalbagan, Kabankalan, Isabela and the neighboring towns of La Libertad, Jimalalud and Tayasan, Negros Occidental continues to experience Martial Law-like and heightened military operations. The said areas are persistently attacked by the military since these are alleged NPA units’ base, but civilians become the primary victims. In congruence with their showed KALAKASAN, violations were also recorded.

Military attacks against revolutionary forces are deceitful and atrocious; nevertheless, these caused revolutionary forces to widen and strengthen its ranks.

‘As such, their propaganda lies cannot stop the genuine struggle of Negrosanons. As worsening crisis of semi-colonial and semi-feudal system in the country continues and the root cause of people’s armed resistance is unaddressed, revolutionary forces will never be stopped and will be never be abated.

2 civilians, with 1 minor, illegally detained by 94th IB