Active asset to 20th IB death squad punished by NPA-Northern Samar


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The New People’s Army in Northern Samar (Rodante Urtal Command or NPA-RUC) today claimed the successful tactical offensive against a barangay captain in Las Navas who served as an active asset for the death squad of the 20th Infantry Battalion.

According to initial reports, Red fighters of the NPA-RUC punished Crispin “Espot” Nali Mordido, barangay captain of San Andres, last July 10 in nearby Barangay Lourdes.

Mordido was an active informer for Peping Cabides, leader of the death squad of the 20th IB, according to Ka Amado Pesante, spokesperson for the NPA-RUC.

Among the victims of the death squad are Apolinario “Kap Pening” Lebico, barangay captain of San Miguel, Las Navas, and Jennifer Tonog, barangay councilor of Sumuroy, Lope de Vega, whom the group killed in 2019 and 2020, respectively.

Pesante added that Mordido also forced innocent civilians in his barangay to “surrender” as members of the NPA.

Addressing the July 9 incident in Barangay Victory, Las Navas, Pesante said that the NPA-RUC is still waiting for the report from the local unit of the NPA. He urged the public to reserve judgment until then.

“We assure the public that in the conduct of its tactical offensives, the NPA puts primacy on the safety of civilians. If the unintended casualty is proven, the NPA-RUC is more than ready to render assistance to the aggrieved parties,” Pesante said.#

Active asset to 20th IB death squad punished by NPA-Northern Samar