Democracy thrives in the NPA

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To justify its profitable fake surrender scheme, 11th IB’s paid hacks recently concocted the pathetic storyline about so-called individual rights of Red fighters being trampled by “despotic” NPA commanders and Party cadres causing demoralization and eventual massive surrender.

This is a barefaced lie and a desperate act to cover-up their plunder of E-CLIP fund. In July-August alone, close to 3 million went to the pockets of 11th IB commanders from more than 40 fake surrenderees in Southeast Negros.

Democracy in the economic, political and military fields exist and continue to flourish in the NPA.

Officers and soldiers in the Red Army collectively share whatever ration or supply available. An equitable system of distribution is in placed. No special treatments and perks in whatever forms for the officers. But give due consideration to the health conditions and particular needs of the each comrades. The book of finances is open for all to see and scrutinize.

The NPA practice criticism and self-criticism to correct errors and improve democratic style of work. Soldiers can criticize their officers. They can participate in discussions and meetings. The officers does not monopolize everything and every red fighters actively contribute to the accomplishment of tasks/missions assigned.

In the realm of tactics and methods of attacking and defeating the enemy, officers and soldiers collectively discuss these in meetings and study sessions.

Democracy is the way of life in the NPA. While in the reactionary army like the 11th IB, officers dictate everything and the role of ordinary soldiers is simply to follow. And there is no way that soldiers can criticize their officers. As clearly expressed in military maxim “obey first before you complain”, there is no democracy in the AFP. ###

Democracy thrives in the NPA