Fascist Marcos Jr. closed the door on peace negotiations

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Marcos regime’s fascist directions clearly show his lack of interest to return to peace negotiations in accordance to The Hague Joint Declaration. He chose to declare the continuation of the total war policy against the revolutionary movement and the heightened war against the civilian population rather than addressing the discussion of socio-economic reforms that the NDFP and the revolutionary movement has laid on the table. This proves Marcos Jr.’s complete apathy towards steps and reforms that would have been for the welfare and interest of the Filipino nation and the whole country. It betrays how out and out fascists such as Marcos will never make efforts to achieve genuine peace and societal justice.

Adhering to the terrorist overlord US’ command, the puppet regime decided to intensify suppression of all forms of opposition and continue its attempts of obliterating the biggest hurdle against the complete domination of the ruling elite’s interests over that of the majority – the CPP-NPA-NDF. What kind of peace negotiations can the people expect from a regime and its imperialist collaborators who treacherously smears the name and prestige of the revolutionary movement and unjustly brands it as ‘terrorist’?

GRP patently violates the Comprehensive Agreement on Respect for Human Rights and International Humanitarian Law (CARHRIHL) through its systematic and large-scale acts of terrorism and grave crimes against the people including the incessant bombings of communities, massacres and killings of civilians, abductions, arrests and torture of masses and other such crimes.

GRP is also in violation of The Hague Joint Declaration in insisting pacification and capitulation of the revolutionary movement as preconditions to the peace negotiations. It peddles the idea of localized peace talks that blatantly disregards the provisions of the above-mentioned declaration. GRP also violated the Joint Agreement on Safety Immunity and Guarantees (JASIG) in criminalizing and hunting members and leaders of the CPP-NPA-NDF. Through the Anti-Terrorism Law, it has one-sidedly declared the revolutionary movement as ‘terrorists’.

However, the revolutionary movement is ready to face the worsening and more brutal campaign of suppression and war against the civilian population. Every day, a growing number of people rise up and take on various forms of struggle. They accumulate in class unity that will eventually topple this puppet state and will put an end to this rotten ruling system.

Fascist Marcos Jr. closed the door on peace negotiations