Fight US-Marcos II regime’s gross distortion of history!

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Today, we commemorate the 50th anniversary of the late dictator Ferdinand E. Marcos Sr’s declaration of Martial Law in the thick of systemic and all-out efforts of his son and namesake Ferdinand Marcos Jr to whitewash and distort history. Since assuming the presidency through one of the most fraudulent elections ever, Marcos Jr wasted no time in instituting measures to reverse the people’s verdict on Martial Law and portrayed the 14-year fascist dictatorship as the country’s “golden age.”

He squandered public funds and resources on social media trolls, PR outfits and akin propaganda machineries to propagate the distorted and revisionist view of history that Marcos Sr was a great statesman and Marcos Jr, as a leader, has parallel qualities; and that there is public exoneration of the Marcoses from their crimes with repetitive twaddle on the supposed “achievements” of Martial Law.

In the light of all these chicaneries, we must not forget how the Marcoses pillaged and terrorized the country with open fascist rule as well as remember how the people valiantly fought back and launched epic struggles and mass movements against the US-instigated Marcos Sr dictatorship.

Let us not forget how Marcos Sr and his crony Roberto S. Benedicto squeezed dry the sugar-based economy of Negros with wanton corruption and imperialist economic impositions. This resulted in the infamous Negros Famine of the 1980s and the emergence of so-called “Batang Negros” as epitomized by the extremely malnourished child Joel Abong.

Let us remember the thousands of Negrosanons who took to the streets to protest the open fascist rule of Marcos Sr amid brutal repression and massacres; those who joined the armed struggle and withstood immense difficulties to advance the people’s war. Their militancy inspire the Negrosanons today to muster all forms of struggles against the fascist and illegitimate regime of Marcos Jr.

Let us continue to seek justice for all victims of Martial Law nationwide. Negrosanons braved the threats and harassment of the NTF-Elcac and defiantly commemorated the 37th anniversary of the Escalante Massacre (Escam) yesterday. Escam is an epitome of Marcos’ brand of fascism as 20, including farmers and a student activist, were brutally massacred on September 20, 1985, day 2 of a three-day “welgang bayan” against fascism and hunger culminating on the 13th anniversary of martial law declaration.

Let us honor the memories of the martyrs of Martial Law and surviving veterans in the anti-dictatorship movement by rejecting outright the lies and distortions of Marcos Jr and, following their lead, launching a broad resistance against oppression, exploitation and state fascism. ###

Fight US-Marcos II regime's gross distortion of history!