Imminence of Marcos’ plan to join security triad, deepens Philippine involvement in inter-imperialist tensions

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Although very much retarded in addressing the nation’s needs, the US-Marcos Jr. regime still has the audacity to focus on its servility towards its imperialist masters. Just recently, Carlito Galvez Jr. of DND met with Japanese officials to talk about the possibility of a tripartite defense agreement between the US, Japan and the Philippines. This Visiting Forces Agreement-like proposal that they are cooking up will heighten US and its minions’ intervention in the country and will push the Philippines closer to the center of conflict brewing between the imperialist US and China.

Prior to this, the country has also received a visit from top US officials seeking to add four more American troops’ military bases in the country. They have been capitalizing on the issue of West Philippine Sea and now, the purported tensions between Taiwan and China, to justify the Philippines’ need to protect itself. Which is why, two of the four planned new bases will be positioned at the northern part of the country facing Taiwan.

US’ more aggressive military maneuvers to compel the Philippines to be part of its defense security network only serves to underscore its intention of controlling the Asia-Pacific region and does nothing for the people. In fact, it portends more danger for Filipinos what with the nation’s increasing involvement in a foreboding war that does not concern it and is only being instigated by the US for its self-interests.

With Marcos’ undertaking of the path of servility and patent disregard of Philippine sovereignty, the role that the Filipino people must serve only gains more clarity. It is necessary for them to strengthen their own liberation movement in the way of a people’s democratic revolution. It is auspicious for ordinary Filipinos to take on their revolutionary armed struggle and to propel their people’s war to a higher stage. Unlike imperialist US’ senselesss war provoked in the name of the ruling classes, the people’s democratic revolution is a war waged by and for the oppressed and exploited to attain genuine liberty and societal justice.

Imminence of Marcos’ plan to join security triad, deepens Philippine involvement in inter-imperialist tensions